by MythofRock

Tim Kanoa Hansen and company are back! After the release of their first album, “Born From Fire”, released last year, they’ve sent us another masterpiece and even better, “The Power Of Power” EP. This one contains recent singles, as well as selected tracks from the previous albums, to promote their tour. They follow the footsteps of bands such as Sonata Arctica, Helloween, Angra and more. Therefore, they’ve achieved their goal and conquered their own sound. Let’s dive into their newest release: it starts with “Set You Free”. It is glorious at its finest. It seems a tribute from Tim to his father. Listen to those guitar riffs and you’ll understand why. It sounds pure Helloween. It’s also a tribute to bands who helped shaping the power metal genre as we know it today. “A Call Beyond”, such as “Queen Of Light”, is a catchy tune. In this one, we can hear how the band stands out. It’s clearly that it may be their best composition by far. Craig Cairns’ vocals stand out. Tim’s and Marcos Rodríguez’s solos can drive everybody insane, not to mention the keyboards and Dominik Zester’s drumming. It gives shivers! With “Queen Of Light”, we can hear how great this band can be. They’ve got potential! The keyboards at the beginning are huge. They’ve combined symphonic and power metal elements all together with delicacy and no band did that before. Super! … “At The Bottom” starts with great choir parts. Very fast, high paced track. Very melodic. It sounds like Blind Guardian. “Order and Chaos” is chaotic, but in a good way. With a choir in the background, followed by the rest of the band. Craig can sing and transform his voice in anything. We can hear it in this song. The instrumentation is also a strong point in here! The EP finishes with “Pay The Price”. A furious track, a brilliant way to finish. Courageous, high, fast and dynamic, like every song should be. This band has finally found its inner voice and sound. They’ve conquered the fans and will continue to gain full respect and trust into the music scene … they can surprise us for sure!

♦ 9/10

Raquel Miranda





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