by MythofRock

Imperia, a band whose music consists of symphonic metal elements, will be releasing their seventh studio album titled “Dark Paradise” on the 26th of July, 2024 and we had the pleasure of hearing it. The quartet’s creation is diverse, musically enriched and has a lot of interesting key points throughout. Each track, although taken from the same album, has its own different characteristics and tricks. From the blending of the guitar to folk and even hard rock elements to the sheer emotions that emit off of every instrument, the overall result is nothing short of outstanding. The band’s ability to convey whatever their message may be through scenery and sound is also something that I must comment on. With instrumentals smart and catchy, the vocals are a vital factor of this creation’s specialty. The frontwoman’s range is surely admirable and her timbre is something I enjoyed. I also need to add that the backing vocals made the already beautifully complex vocal lines even more complete. A lot of influences can be heard in their sound, with symphonic metal being the most prominent one, without excluding folk and other genres from blending together. Melodic yet melancholic, ice cold and fire warm, this band has it all. This release was something I truly enjoyed from start to finish, as it was a trip through emotions and left me in awe of what this quartet has in store for us.

♦ 8/10

Christina X


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