by MythofRock

I am not a fan of Greek pop/rock, but I always liked Ilias Asvestopoulos and 2002 GR. Especially, their first two, ‘70s albums (“Pola” and “Siderenios Anthropos”) were nothing short of compelling. So, when I learned that Asvestopoulos will celebrate his 50 years of career with a concert at Kyttaro in the beginning of 2024, I was excited. It would be my first time enjoying Asvestopoulos live on stage, so I couldn’t wait till the 13th of January! The anticipation reached its peak as the clock struck 21.30 on that Saturday night at Kyttaro. The evening kicked off with Dimensions, a cover band hailing from Kerkira, whose lively performance set the stage for the festivities. Their energetic vibe and impeccable musicianship resonated well with the audience, creating an atmosphere of enjoyment and anticipation. Following suit was Revma, delivering a fusion of rap and rock with impressive groove and skill. The rap singer’s flawless delivery added another layer to their performance, earning them appreciation from the growing crowd. The celebration continued with Filoi Gia Panta, treating the audience to a short yet pleasant set that included the familiar strains of “Tainia Fantasias” and other hits. The big moment drew near and the air buzzed with excitement, heralding the entrance of Ilias Asvestopoulos and his iconic band onto the stage. The atmosphere electrified as Asvestopoulos, in impeccable form, commenced a musical journey through his illustrious career. Classics like “Eipes Pos Me Agapas” “Den Eisai Erotas Esi” “Ti Na Sou Prosfero Na Allaxeis” and “Magiki Avli” reverberated through the venue. Personal highlights included the renditions of “Siderenios Anthropos” and “Ax Kaimeni” creating an unforgettable experience for fans and newcomers alike. The crowd, moved by the music, danced and screamed in unison, creating an atmosphere of pure joy. The culmination of the night saw Asvestopoulos inviting friends on stage, including Dimitris Mentzelos from Imiskoubria, Katia Samantzi (ex-C:Real), Giannis Nikolaou (Lathrepivates), Aggelos Andriotis, and others. The collaborative spirit elevated the celebration, with each guest adding their unique flair to the performance. The finale featured the powerful trio Orizontes, passionately covering a selection of songs, bringing the night to a close. The entire show proved to be a wonderful music feast, a night etched in the memories of both the artist and his devoted fans, a unique evening, which underscored the power of music to unite, celebrate, and create lasting memories.

Dimitris Zacharopoulos

photos by Iro Kalligeri

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