by MythofRock

Godsnake debuts with “Poison Thorn”, an album that puts this German band on the international map of contemporary heavy metal music. What should you expect? Of course, not something totally new, since Godsnake doesn’t reinvent metal and they haven’t created their own personal sound (yet). However, they are very productive and fruitful in the context of the heavy/thrash metal genre that they are serving. How does Godsnake sound like? 1000% Metallica! Yes, if you listen to the “Poison Thorn” album, you will definitely understand that James Hetfield and co has influenced Godsnake the most. It’s crystal clear that the Germans have “Master of Puppets”, “… And Justice for All” and “Black Album” as their gospel! There is no reason for Godsnake to hide its idols, as they are very good in what they are doing, they know how to compose nice songs, and they sound very compact and loud. All ten songs of the album are built around ripping guitar riffs and stay with you due to the memorable refrains, the big melodic hooks and a great sense of rhythm. There is no filler in here, but if I had to select my top three songs of the album, I would pick “We Disagree”, “You Gotta Pay” and “Blood Brotherhood”. And I am sure that everybody will have his/her own top three songs! In general, “Poison Thorn” will make you wanna bang your head, especially if you are a fan of US heavy/thrash metal. Go for it and you won’t get disappointed!

♦ 7/10

Dimitris Zacharopoulos





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