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Greek Sonic Age Records/Cult Metal Classics releases “Waiting For The Night”, an album over thirty years in the making, by eighties’ era/Sunset Strip favorites, Los Angeles-based metal group, Fortress. “When Will The Fighting End” the first single from the album shows that Fortress was, in many ways, ahead of their time. “This song was written in 1985/86 but has never been so globally relevant as it is now,” states Fortress keyboardist, Chris Turbis. “The video has live clips from (famed Hollywood rock club) Gazzarri’s throughout, and shows violent fighting/protests from throughout the world in between clips of live footage. Towards the video’s conclusion, says Turbis, “there’s footage of police and people making piece, finally showing respect for one another”.

View the video for ‘When Will The Fighting End” below.

Fortress (Ted Heath, vocals; the aforementioned Chris Turbis, keyboards-vocals; Arthur Dominguez, bass-vocals; Chris Silva, drums; Kevin Reyes, guitar) were one of the bigger-drawing bands on the famed West Hollywood-based Strip at a time when “it wasn’t uncommon to see the likes of Motley Crüe’s Tommy Lee, Ronnie James Dio, or Iron Maiden’s Adrian Smith in the crowd, watching us, at any given show,” recalls keyboardist Turbis. Fortress often shared the same bill on one of the many always-packed Sunset Strip clubs – The Whiskey, The Roxy, The Troubadour, and Gazzarri’s – with heavies like Poison, Warrant, and Alcatrazz, among others.

The quintet was this close to a record deal in the late Eighties when the appetite of the entire record industry shifted overnight with the introduction of grunge bands like Nirvana. The Sunset Strip changed overnight, and so did the palette of every record exec who still had a job.

Fast-forward to December of 2017; Fortress reunites for a One Night Only performance at a local club for a friend’s party,  and it opened the door to a possible Fortress future. It was with the assistance of Christine Tsaprouni, hostess of iScream radio show, that the band received interest from Sonic Age Records/Cult Metal Classics, who specialize in releasing recordings from bands in the glory days of metal. Agreements were made in mid-2020, and “Waiting For The Night” was released in January, 2021.






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