by MythofRock

Two years ago, Sir Elton John had announced his farewell tour and his retirement, so it was a matter of time for us to buy our tickets for one show of this last Elton John tour. However, plans were overturned, because of the Covid-19 pandemic, and our concert was postponed too. Finally, we would see Elton John in Paris, on the 21st of June, 2023. We checked-in to our flight, got to Paris with the feeling of an anxiety and hoped till this concert that it won’t be postponed again!

Eventually, everything went good and got in the Accor Arena around 19.30. The arena, outside and inside, was crowded, we took a quick look to the official merchandise and sat in our seats. Accor Arena is a luxurious, beautiful concert facility, which soon was packed with Elton John fans from Paris and other cities all around the world – this time we would have the chance, the honor and privilege to experience the magic of an Elton John live show!

There wouldn’t be an opening act, and that’s a drawback, but as long as you looked at the stage of the arena, you understood that a great production had been prepared and the show would be fabulous! Yes, the stage had two levels and behind these levels, an enormous screen was set. On the screen you could read the emotive words, “Farewell Yellow Brick Road”, while expecting something really beautiful and extraordinary!

Indeed, what followed was beyond perception! According to the program, Elton John would start at 20.00 o’clock and just some seconds past eight, the legendary musician appeared in front of us, and took his seat behind the piano. I couldn’t believe that Elton John was there – it was a unique experience, which grew bigger, when the great musician started performing! He began with “Bennie and the Jets” and he was absolutely amazing! The mythic star of pop/rock music was playing the piano with ease, sung with a loud, strong, warm voice and had an incredible interaction with the audience. We all were so joyful, as we were witnessing a historic moment of music art. And I was relieved to see Elton John in this very excellent condition, since, I will be frank, I was afraid that he wouldn’t be in a good shape – at this age! He was in a super condition, everyone could understand that. Most of the time he was at his piano, but sometimes he walked to come in contact with his beloved fans. His selection for the songs of the live set was more than right – he and his incredible band (with two drummers and one percussionist!) played most of Elton John’s biggest hits. My favorite moments were “Tiny Dancer”, “Have Mercy on the Criminal” (oh my god, what a nice live version!), “Rocketman”, “Funeral for a Friend/Love Lies Bleeding”, “Saturday Night’s Alright for Fighting”, “Your Song” and “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road”. He played for two hours and fifteen minutes, a long, dreamy concert that will be unforgettable. Many were crying, other were dancing, everyone was falling for Elton John!

I have seen many live shows and many artists on stage in my life, yet, the majesty of this Elton John show was surpassing and captivating – yes, it is one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to! It wasn’t the sound, the show or the duration, it was the magic, the elegance, the finesse of this super show! Thank you Sir Elton, goodbye!  

Dimitris Zacharopoulos

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