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Dokken, the stalwart of melodic metal, makes a resounding return with their latest album, “Heaven Comes Down”. Steeped in the signature sounds that defined an era, this offering showcases the band’s enduring musical prowess. Featuring nice melodies, heartfelt vocals, and distinctive guitars that have been a hallmark of Dokken’s style, the album is a compelling addition to their discography. From the opening notes of the first track, “Fugitive”, it becomes apparent that Dokken hasn’t lost a step. The song’s melody weaves a captivating tapestry, drawing the listener into a world where nostalgia meets contemporary craftsmanship. The band’s ability to infuse modern energy into their classic sound is immediately evident, setting the stage for a musical ride that spans decades. Don Dokken’s vocals, as emotive and powerful as ever, are a linchpin in the album’s success. His ability to convey both vulnerability and strength adds a layer of authenticity to each track. Whether belting out anthemic choruses or delivering more subdued moments, Dokken’s vocals remain a driving force, grounding the album in a sense of genuine emotion. Jon Levin’s guitar work, marked by his unique style and expressive solos, is a highlight of the album. The interplay between Levin’s guitar and the rest of the band creates a sonic landscape that is both familiar and innovative, paying homage to their roots while pushing the boundaries of their sound. Nice melodies permeate the album, demonstrating Dokken’s commitment to crafting songs that resonate with the listener. Tracks like “Gypsy”, “I’ll Never Give Up” and “I Remember” are a simple proof of the band’s knack for memorable hooks and choruses, inviting audience participation and ensuring that these tunes linger in the listener’s mind long after the final notes fade. “Heaven Comes Down” is a cohesive body of work, well-crafted, allowing moments of introspection to seamlessly transition into anthemic peaks, serving as a reminder of Dokken’s enduring influence, relevant to both longtime fans and a new generation of listeners. Dokken return triumphant, reaffirming their status as purveyors of melodic metal excellence.

♦ 9/10

Dimitris Zacharopoulos






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