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Get ready for obliteration as DETRAKTOR, the newly risen titans of groove metal, break free from their sonic chains with a groundbreaking new 2-track single that unveils a level of maturity and evolution that will leave fans awe-struck! “Of Gods And Serpents”, featuring tracks “Ancient” and “Cult Of The Silence”, is out now via Massacre Records and available as digital formats on: https://lnk.to/ofgodsandserpents

A video clip for the song “Cult Of The Silence” is now streaming below, taking the listener on a fast-paced explosive discovery. DETRAKTOR doesn’t hold back as they are supported by the aggressive drums of session drummer Dirk’s power. The lyrics are carefully crafted around the topic of a fictitious cult, known as “The Silence”, from the British TV series Doctor Who. The unsettling image of the cult is expressed with fast paced restless evolution of some quality thrashy groove. This song takes the listener through a progressive journey, with soul-stirring melodies pushing the boundaries of what is expected from the groove metal genre.

This musical journey takes the listener on a stirring inner ride, showcasing the band’s growth and newfound depth. Prepare to be surprised, enthralled, and forever changed by the grinding storm that is DETRAKTOR’s latest offering!

“Of Gods And Serpents” is not just a single; it’s a proclamation of a band at the pinnacle of their craft, ready to conquer new realms of metal, and a declaration of DETRAKTOR’s evolution. Fans will be captivated by the band’s willingness to experiment, crafting the definition of their genre while retaining the raw energy that has defined their sound. “Ancient” and “Cult Of The Silence” are more than songs, they are a testament to the band’s musical journey, proving that maturity only amplifies the ferocity of true metal!

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