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On the eve of the new year, 2024, the stage at Temple Athens became a melting pot of musical diversity, as three great Greek bands travelled the audience through various sub-genres of rock and metal. The billing of the second day of X-mas Feast contained Part of the Theory, Passengers in Panic and the headlining act, Crimson Fire, who collectively orchestrated an evening of pure sonic perfection.

Kicking off the night were Part of the Theory, whose distinctive blend of rock, progressive, soundtrack and symphonic elements created a musical tapestry that transcended conventional boundaries. The band’s ability to craft intricate sonic landscapes left the audience mesmerized. Each note seemed to paint a vivid picture and the dynamic interplay of instruments showcased a level of musicianship that set a high standard for the evening. Part of the Theory is a female fronted band, with Vicky behind the microphone, whose exceptional performance was theatrical and dramatic. In a music world of clichés, Part of the Theory is a breath that keeps music art alive! They were incredible and left the stage applauded by the fans, who wanted more by this phenomenal band.   

Following the progressive spectacle, Passengers in Panic, a female fronted band too, took the stage, infusing classic metal with folk elements that added a unique flavor to their performance. Drawing comparisons to Iron Maiden, the band delivered a superb set that echoed the glory days of classic metal. Despite a minor setback with the vocals not being loud enough, Passengers in Panic’s energy and stage presence resonated with the crowd, leaving their personal stamp on the night. What makes this band unique is the leading sound of the guitars, the tight rhythm section of the bass and the drums and the stage performance of the singer. 

The pinnacle of the evening arrived with the headlining act, Crimson Fire, as they transported the audience back to the golden era of 80s heavy metal. With Giannis Britsas at the helm, his high-pitched vocals soared through the venue, perfectly complementing the intricate and first-class guitar work that defined the band’s sound. Crimson Fire’s execution of 80s classic metal songs was nothing short of excellent, capturing the essence of the era with a modern flair. The astonishing set of Crimson Fire had only highs and no lows – Giannis Britsas is a force of nature, as his passionate singing reminded us of the great vocalists of 80s traditional metal, the bass and looks of Dinos Ganitis were extraordinary and the elaborate guitar combination shocked the fans. With songs from all their albums, Crimson Fire pleased us, showing everybody that they are at the best point of their career, some days before their European tour with Suicidal Angels!

The seamless transitions from one act to the next contributed to the overall success of the concert. The Temple Athens venue provided an intimate yet electric atmosphere, allowing the audience to connect with the music on a profound level. On the 30th of December 2023 Greek rock and metal reigned supreme and we enjoyed it so much! Temple’s X-mas Feast ended with the best way!

Dimitris Zacharopoulos

photos by Iro Kalligeri

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