by MythofRock

I learnt Celtic Hills with the wonderful “Mystai Keltoy” album, which was released in 2021. The Italian band didn’t lose any time, now they are offering us their new, third album, “Huldufolk“. Jonathan Vanderbilt (vocals, guitars) has prepared again something special for us, encompassing all his inspiration in almost a dozen of great new compositions. The extravagant music character of Celtic Hills is present, of course; If you liked the strange and beautiful folk/power metal of the adventurous trio in its previous studio album, you will find “Huldufolk” simply amazing! The new installment is even more interesting than its predecessor, it is even more powerful, even more melodic, even more epic. The hooky song ideas, the catchy vocal lines and the edgy riffs will drive you crazy, the fast tempos and the irresistible grooves will shake you up and down, the hymnic refrains will transfer you in a world of myths and legends. Every song has an enchanting magic, and “Huldufolk” stands out as a mesmerising treasure of priceless musical jewels! Imagine a weird edition of Gamma Ray with many folk, epic and true metal elements, listen to songs like “The Secret of the Grail”, “After The Earthquake”, “Living Out of the Egg”, “The Hammer of Thor” etc. and they will become your company of a long, long time. It is very likely that with this new album Celtic Hills will have the much-wanted success and they will gain a lot of new fans. Jonathan Vanderbilt and his mates deserve it!

♦ 8/10

Dimitris Zacharopoulos





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