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Cancervo, a doom metal band from Italy, has already offered us two superb albums, and now the Italians are ready to share us their third endeavor. Myth of Rock talked with the band some time ago, and right below you can read the answers of Francesco Gioia (guitars). This interview is the best way to warm up for Cancervo’s new doom opus!

by Dimitris Zacharopoulos


Give us a short biography of Cancervo.

Cancervo is a three piece (Luka – voice and bass, Gioia – guitar, Sam – drums), formed in 2019 at the foot of the homonymous mountain. The passion for heavy music and the strong bond with their land are the basis of the project. After the sold-out of the first album, Cancervo are ready to drag you once again in the occult tales of their lands. A deep voice will whisper you the despair of the souls swallowed up in the mountain ARERA or the eternal damnation of the herdsman of GREM. The sound, more and more inspired by the early 70s, abandons the psych moments of the first album in search of doom’s roots.

What does Cancervo mean? Why did you name the band Cancervo?

Cancervo is the name of an iconic mountain near our village. In the past, the forests were set on fire to speed up the process of regeneration of the meadows. This mountain is mysterious and full of legends. All our songs speak of legends and myths of our valley.

Which are your feelings now that you are releasing your sophomore album?

It’s definitely a big thrill, as already mentioned, it’s an honor for us to bring our legends to an international level through song. We are already working on the third record.

Where would you trace the differences between the new album and the first album? How much have you progressed?

The vocals, first of all, gave the album a twist. In the first album, we didn’t feel the need to insert vocals, whereas in the second album the lyrics came out automatically.  Musically speaking, however, the first album is more ‘space’ or ‘psych’, the second more direct, more 70’s doom.

Who is responsible for the music and the lyrics of Cancervo?

Luka is definitely more into writing lyrics, but normally we sit together at the table and talk about it.

Which are your music influences? What music do you listen to nowadays?

Ehm, tricky question, we are very open musically and don’t preclude ourselves from anything. We can tell you that we listen to a lot of 70s music.  From (obviously) Black Sabbath to Iron Butterfly or King Crimson and Cream.

Where do your lyrics refer to? Your favorite topics?

As mentioned above the legends and myths of our land are our main source of inspiration.

Describe the recording sessions and the production process of ’ll’.

Some of the songs on the ‘II’ album were composed while we were waiting for the release of the first album and so it is happening with the third. Everything starts with a main riff, we try to jam as little as possible, we write the missing drum or guitar or bass part and then we proceed with the pre-recording.

Do you play live? Do you have any tour plans?

Yes, we finished our first European tour. We played in France, Germany, Austria, Slovenia and three dates in Italy, two of which were in Sardinia. I’m sure we won’t stop here.

If you had the opportunity to collaborate with a famous musician, who would he/she be?

Is it too far-fetched to say Tony Iommi? Hahah. All joking aside, we’ve never thought of a name, certainly playing openly at a concert of a band of the caliber of Electric Wizard or others would give us great pleasure.

Which feelings of yours do you express through your music?

Fortunately, the legends of our valley are almost all gloomy and occult-driven even if many wink at Christianity.  So, in our songs, the feeling is always that there is someone above us on the side of good or evil.

If you had a time machine, to which time period would you travel?

Too easy to say during the 70s, but it is that.

How did the pandemic affect you?

Unfortunately for our valley the pandemic was devastating, many people died and there was an air of desolation mixed with worry. During COVID-19 we wrote the first album.

Which are your future plans?

Definitely to release the third album and to make another tour.

Send a message to the fans!

Thanx for the support. We look forward to touring and seeing you again.


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