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You always know that you are going to listen to something nice, when you get a brand new release from Bob Katsionis (Outloud, ex-Firewind, ex-Serious Black etc.). The Greek keyboardist/guitarist comes back with another solo album, not many months since his latest effort, the brilliant “Prognosis & Synopsis” album. But this time Katsionis had a different vision. Being a keen video gamer himself, he decided to compose the soundtrack of a fictional arcade video game! All the songs of the “Amadeus Street Warrior” album were performed with keyboards and the Koji VST plug-in by Ugritone. That means we have an instrumental disc with songs recorded with 16-bit music technology. Bob Katsionis has achieved something amazing, because, based on the retro sound of the ‘80s/early 90s arcade video games, he managed to come up with a progressive/electronic music masterpiece. Although it could be used as the soundtrack of an Amiga, Atari, Nintendo or Sega video game, “Amadeus Street Warrior” stands as the brainchild of a rock/metal musician, who sets no boundaries to his craftsmanship and inspiration. Yes, there are tons of music ideas in these new songs. Apart from the high technique and the fresh inspiration, here you will find so much passion, so many feelings, you will meet some impressive dramatic and epic tones. There are no lyrics, but the story unfolds before you. It is an album conceived and recorded in 2020, but it is also a trip to a time long gone … The Greek keyboard wizard gave us a fantastic sonic opus, where rock songwriting meets retro video games music. That’s surely a release that neither gamers nor progressive/electronic/keyboard music lovers should miss.

♦ 8/10

Dimitris Zacharopoulos



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