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2023 left us with an amazing two-day festival at Temple Athens, X-mas Feast, whose first day included Come, Pink Vanity and Bad Habits. So, on the evening of 29th December, the stage played host to three distinct Greek bands, each bringing their unique flavor to the fans. The lineup featured Come, an indie/garage rock newcomer band, Pink Vanity with their Arctic Monkeys-inspired indie/alternative rock and the relentless heavy rock n’ roll of Bad Habits.

Come, the opening act of the night, set the tone with their rough tunes. The trio, completely new to the Greek scene, delivered a performance that was based on the raw energy and the infectious groove of loud rock n’ roll. The intricate guitar work, coupled with the singer’s soulful vocals, created an explosive cocktail. Come’s set was short (focused in their first single, “The Evil”), yet the audience was enthusiastic about the band’s brilliant, to-the-point sonic eruption.

Next up was Pink Vanity, an elegant, sophisticated indie rock band, whose stylings stirred up the fans – we all couldn’t help but sway to the driving rhythms, as the beautiful melodies reverberated through the venue. Pink Vanity owe their significance to the incredible talent of two brothers, Konstantinos and Alexandros Krommydas, who lead the band with their musical prowess and their artistic vision. Of course, the vocals were a standout element, delivering each lyric with a perfect blend of emotion and finesse, reminding me of Alex Turner’s way of singing. Pink Vanity’s set was a proof that this band has a bright future. Their new album comes soon and I think we have to listen to it carefully!

The energy level reached its zenith, when Bad Habits took command of the stage. If there’s one phrase to describe their performance, it would be “high octane”. The heavy rock n’ roll outfit unleashed a sonic onslaught that was impossible to ignore. Fast-paced, loud and brimming with raw energy, Bad Habits left an indelible mark on the audience, creating a real frenzy. The blistering guitar solos, the thunderous drumming, the hectic vocals, the solid bass and the commanding stage presence of the band members created an unique atmosphere, which reminded me of a huge list of bands like e.g. The New York Dolls, Motörhead, Girlschool, Sex Pistols, The Fuzztones, The Hellacopters etc. In the crossroads of glam rock, punk rock, rock n’ roll and heavy rock we meet Bad habits, who have already shown that they are capable of great things in the near future!  

While each band brought something unique to the table, it was Pink Vanity and Bad Habits that made the difference. Pink Vanity craft beautiful songs with catchy melodies, nice arrangements and brilliant vocals, things you can enjoy in the band’s gigs. On the other hand, Bad Habits’ unapologetic, high-energy rock n’ roll live performances are a thrilling experience that should not be missed, no matter what.  The concert was a celebration of rock music in its varied forms. The first day of X-mas Feast at Temple was a blast – we took the way home super-satisfied!

Dimitris Zacharopoulos

photos by Iro Kalligeri


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