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The last few years many excellent albums have been released by Greek heavy/power metal bands (Innerwish, Diviner, Firewind, Reflection, Wrathblade, etc). This time we have the new album of Arrayan Path, a band that hails from Nicosia, Cyprus. Well, “Dawn of Aquarius” is a wonderful power metal work, a great musical opus, which no heavy metal fan should miss. It has all the elements that the listener seeks in such albums. The songs are the perfect combination of melody and power, and they are the result of a unique inspiration. There are no fillers, only majestic songs which showcase the musicianship of the band and its magical craft. As soon as you listen to “Dawn of Aquarius”, you will be overwhelmed by the tight sound of the band, the melodic hooks, the heavy riffs, the perfect technique and the amazing vocal performance of Nicholas Leptos, who sings the beautiful vocal lines like there is no tomorrow. Arrayan Path knows how to compose exciting tunes, which will haunt the listener immediately. There is so much passion, the album has the feeling that only the classic metal albums have. But you won’ t find only the typical traditional metal style here since the group has produced a tempting sound, which mixes melodic metal with epic and mystic music. In addition to these, you will discover eastern music elements in most of the tracks. The result is extraordinary and you get the special character of the band. Once you listen to the fantastic hymns of Arrayan Path, you will pass the gates of a mysterious and wonderful world. There is no turning back – “Dawn of Aquarius” is here to be adored, “Dawn of Aquarius” will be your next addiction. All the gods, all the myths, all the legends live in this album. I can’t help listening to this phenomenal piece of music. Let’s bow to Arrayan Path!


Dimitris Zacharopoulos




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