by MythofRock

A second album of the collaboration between American singer Russell Allen (Symphony X, Adrenaline Mob, Allen/Lande) and Swedish singer Anette Olzon (ex-Nightwish) saw the light this year, again under the moniker Allen/Olzon. Just like in the previous release, Magnus Karlsson knows how to write good stuff in “Army Of Dreamers” – he also provided good stuff on guitars, bass and keyboards, with the help of Anders Köllerfors on the drums. The quality of the sound was guaranteed by Jacob Hansen. Need more introduction for this album? I think not! The record starts with “Army Of Dreamers”, the song that provides the record’s name. It starts with a cinematic opening, the guitars start, Russell’s deep voice is heard, while Anette’s polished vocals are here. The solos are melodic and into your heart. It looks like a dialogue, where “Worlds Apart”, the previous record, has finished and this one is a continuation of it. The keyboards give the sensation of that. Then we have “So Quiet Here”! The symphonic introduction begins with a question: “Why is it So Quiet Here?”. Very cinematic, with lots of emotions mixed, it has something like an a classic opera vibe in it and the dialogue is very beautiful. “Out Of Nowhere” is one of the ballads of the record. The riffs in here are delicious, the piano looks like it came from a movie, it is a song that can melt the icest heart of all. A fast intro announces “A Million Skies”, with a touch of a fairy! Symphonic guitar riffs, rhythmic breaks, all here resemble Nightwish songs, in a good way! One of the best tracks of the album! “Carved In Stone” has a different flow and glow. It sounds very symphonic, it has a very soft violin and then we get a rock groove. “All Alone” is a simpler, “in your face” song, with a strong and straightforward piano. The guitar complements it! “Look At Me” has very fast drums and a charismatic dialogue. At “Until It’s Over” we can hear another very emotional song, another ballad. Russel has, indeed, a very beautiful voice for this kind of music. “I Am Gone” has the best solos and riffs the listener will hear in the entire album, with a bit of fantasy in it. “Are We Really Strangers” has an 80’s vibe and finally, “Never Too Late” finishes the recordin a galloping, catchy way. This one is clearly a win. Russell and Anette are better than ever. A must have!

♦ 8/10

Raquel Miranda





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