Powerful Systm came from out of nowhere and has just re-released their debut EP, “Endless Transformation”. Myth of Rock really liked the songs of this EP, and detected some great potential in this project! So, we came in contact with Powerful Systm’s mastermind, multi-instrumentalist Emiliano Renzi, who gave his humble, interesting answers to our list of questions!

by Dimitris Zacharopoulos

When, where, under which circumstances and by whom was Powerful Systm founded?

Powerful System was founded in 2021 in Leicester (UK). It’s a solo project funded by me. I had a solo career back 20 years ago which I had to stop when I started university. The lockdown during the coronavirus crisis gave me an opportunity to rediscover my love for music and metal, and start this new project.

Why did you name the band Powerful Systm?

The idea just came to me one morning as I was driving. The day before I struggled to find a name for this act, and then, as I was driving, this name came in my mind out of nothing. I took it as a sign from a higher dimension, and decided to go with it!

You released your debut EP in early 2022. Why did you decide to re-release it in a remastered version? How much different is this remastered version compared to the original version? Who did the remastering?

The original version of my EP was noticed by record label WormHoleDeath, and they proposed me to work together to re-release a new version. I had a chat with Carlo Bellotti from WormHoleDeath, who has a wealth of experience in producing metal, and he advised me to do some changes, which I did in the remastered version.

How would you describe your music to someone who hasn’t listened to your songs?

It’s music that creates a wide sonic landscape full of details from different instruments. I like to combine genres, so in my music you’ll find traditional acoustic instruments, such as harmonium and Irish flute, blending with powerful distorted guitars, symphonic orchestra and epic choirs. The idea is to transcend material reality and transport the listener to a higher dimension of consciousness through music and lyrics.

Which are your music influences? What does inspire you to compose music?

I like to listen to many different genres, such as rock, metal, folk, classical music. If I like a song, I just like it, regardless of the genre. I have lots of favourite artists, like Pink Floyd, Nightwish, Iron Maiden, Devin Townsend, Epica.

I find that the songs of your EP have a lot of cinematic/soundtrack influences. Do you agree? What movies do you like to watch? Which are some of your favorite movie soundtracks?

Yes, I agree! I like to watch sci-fi and fantasy movies the most. The Terminator, Lord of The Rings and Star Wars are among my favourite movie sondtracks. I also love the tension, melancholy and intimacy Hans Zimmer can create in his soundtracks, such as in Inception and Interstellar.

In which language(s) are your lyrics? Where do your lyrics refer to? Can you describe the lyrical theme of each of the four songs of the EP?

Most of my songs are in English and some in Sanskrit. For the English songs, I draw inspiration from my own life and realisations. For the Sanskrit songs, I take inspiration from ancient traditional Sanskrit literature, mainly ancient Bhakti Yoga texts such as the Bhagavad Gita, which are full of wonderful lyrics that are still very timely nowadays. Concerning the songs on my EP: “Awake!” talks about the many worries we have in our life and the many times we try to change ourselves without success. Then the chorus dissipates all these worries by inviting the listener to look inward, to dance with the rhythm of our soul and reconnect with our inner self. “Narasimhadeva” is a song about an ancient epic in the Bhakti Yoga texts. It’s an invocation for protection and justice for all those who are oppressed by injustice and tyranny. “The Most Beautiful Song” is a musical rendition of the main themes in the Bhagavad Gita: time, nature, action, the soul and the supernatural. “Siksastakam” is an ancient poem about real love. It talks about living a life of selfless service to others and the ultimate source of everything. It explains that the real secret of life is being humble like a blade of grass, more tolerant than a tree, respecting everyone and not expecting anything in return.

Which feelings of yours do you try to express through your songs? Describe the atmosphere of your songs.

I compose my songs as if I was creating a landscape, so I start from the main idea – the main stage if you wish – and then delve into the details – the brush strokes if you like – thinking about what unique feelings each instrument can evoke. The atmosphere of my songs ideally helps the listeners to access a higher dimension, where they can transcend reality and look inwards to reconnect with their self.

If you could cooperate with a famous musician in a Powerful Systm song, who would he/she be?

My dream is to cooperate with Tuomas Holopainen of Nightwish. I would also love to compose a song for Simone Simons of Epica.

Has Powerful Systm ever played live in concert? Is a tour in your plans?

I have played live concerts several years ago now, so I have that experience, but not as Powerful System. I would be delighted to have the opportunity of a tour!

How did the Covid-19 pandemic affect you as a musician and as an individual?

The pandemic helped me reconnect with my music and re-explore this passion that I had to put aside for some years to pursue my main career.

How are things for epic metal bands in Britain nowadays?

I like to listen to Cradle of Filth, who’ve written some great “epic” songs like “Absinthe with Faust”. I know there’s a lot of great talent in the metal scene more in general. Personally, I really like Architects for example.

In your opinion, how much important is Internet for new rock/metal bands in the year 2022?

The Internet is fundamental these days for new bands to showcase their work and get known. There are many opportunities that were unthinkable, when I started my music journey several years ago. Ultimately, it is because of the Internet that I got signed by WormHoleDeath Records!

When should we wait your first full-length disc? Have already written any new songs? If yes, how do they sound like?

Yes, I’m writing new songs and am planning to release my full-length disc in a year.

Send your message to the listeners of your music!

I am very grateful to all the listeners of my music. I hope my songs give you positive vibes and a little help to overcome the many hurdles in one’s life!