Hot Sunday Blood hails from Italy and they are going full throttle since their formation in 2013, since they are very productive, releasing albums and performing live. Their latest album, "Kein Licht" (2019, Snooky Records), still sounds amazing, as it merges the heavy rock sound with alternative rock influences! It is high time we had a nice chat with the band, and specifically, Paolo Lulita (bass). Please proceed and read what interesting Paolo said to Myth of Rock!

by Michalis Kapetanakis

Before we start, I would like to know how the pandemic has been for you, the past few months …

It has been awful, for us and for all the others. Thanks to a simple lucky strike we are all


I was very pleased and happy that I got familiar with your music, when I listened to the song "The Long Winter's Embrace" from your third album "Kein Licht"! Awesome song and cool video clip! How did it all start? How did you manage to reach this very high level of quality in composing and performing? I would like to know your musical education.

First of all, thank you for the kind words! All that we did can be summed up by saying: “try something, try again and try once more". If you give yourself a goal and stick to it with passion following the golden rule of never giving up, you will get something in return. We are no geniuses, but we all have the dedication and the will to learn something new. We all have different musical tastes, with the common factor of grunge and metal roots. Unfortunately, only Andrea, our guitarist, has some kind of musical education, which greatly helps us, when we try to find the right tone and mood!

Your music is true and full of feelings. How do you get inspiration?

We always try to say something important. Our themes are not very positive, but we want to avoid being trivial and to speak about bad things just because we are metal and we must do so. The common point here is to talk about personal concepts rather than abstract ones. If you are that type of person, you can apply to yourself many of our songs. For example, “Kein Licht” is a concept album mainly based on the loss of emotions. The lack of something, seen through emotional structures, such as resignation, disillusion, grief.  

You have also released two other albums, except the last one. Are you going to release a new album in the near future?

For sure! We are already composing songs. The new album was set to be released by the end of the year, but we all know what happened in the world. Anyway, we will release something for sure, as soon as we can!

What seems to be your biggest difficulty about music?

The fear of saying something insignificant and the inability to send the correct message. This is valid for both lyrics and music.

Do you think that some fans will be prejudiced about your open-minded music style?

That’s for sure, and there is nothing wrong about it. We are not here to please everyone, it’s absolutely normal that someone will not like us. Music is a subjective theme.

A lot of metal bands join the scene every year. What makes Hot Sunday Blood unique and different from the others?

We are unique as all the others. I can say that we are a good mixture of dark and grunge vibes which you may not find in many other bands.

Did the choice of the line-up happened naturally or were you looking for something particular? How did you select your band mates?

It happened naturally, meaning that the right people stayed, in the end. We had no “quality assurance step” when searching. If you are a nice person and share the same love for the project, you are in!

Which bands and singers have influenced you personally?

From grunge, like Alice in Chains or Soundgarden, to more alternative metal acts as Pyogenesis or also dark bands like Type O Negative and Katatonia. We are five people with a common background but different taste in music, spanning from Opeth to Faith no More.

What will be the next plans?

Our next plans? Play more, compose more, get a larger fan base, and try to go out of our Italian borders a bit…more! As many others, we are suffering the global pandemic and we lost some shows and opportunities, but given the situation there is nothing to complain about.

We’re done, thank you very much for your attention and the opportunity.

It was a pleasure to have the opportunity to give an insight of our work. Thank you so much!

Would you like to leave a final message?

You can listen to our music on digital platforms (Spotify, I-tunes, Google Music, Deezer, YouTube, etc.) and follow us on Instagram and Facebook. Listen to our music and drop a comment, if you feel it’s worth!