If you think tou know everything about rock, hard rock and heavy metal, you should listen to Barbara Black! The Spanish singer released her exquisite new studio album some months ago and her songs still impress people with their strange beauty and their diversity! Myth of Rock listened to the "Love, Death & Flies" album, enjoyed the new lyric video for the song "Damnified" and had a nice little chat with Barbara. Bow down to the Queen!

by Michalis Kapetanakis


Hello Barbara! So how are you with all the craziness around the world that’s going on at the moment?

I'm honestly quite unmotivated. The fact of seeing that the musical world is absolutely blocked makes you feel that your work and effort are not going to have the results and the impact that they should. In addition, seeing loved people who lose their relatives, become ill or lose their jobs makes the low mood.

I suppose you are still busy promoting the new album that was out via the Spanish label Rock Estatal, right?

Yes, we are still working on the “Love, Death & Flies” promotion.

I guess one of the popular things that has been happening at the moment is this whole live streaming thing, what are your thoughts on that?

It is an option, but we need the heat of the audience and enjoying together.

As mentioned before, the new album was some months ago. When did you finish the recordings for that album? Are you happy with the result?

In October 2019 we went to The Cadillac Blood Studios with Andy C and started with the recordings. In March 10th we released the album and the 13th the quarantine lockdown began. We are more than proud with the results, we have worked very hard on each of the songs, we have put our hearts on this album.

You decided to release the album just before the virus … Positive or negative, you think?

Obviously no one knew all the consequences of Covid-19 … we have had to cancel the tour and many interviews.

“Love, Death & Flies” sounds really metal but also very diverse! What is your opinion? And which are your influences?

My opinion is that, when you are creating, you shouldn´t put limits to yourself. The meaning of composing is freedom, from my point of view. Our main musical influences are Alter Bridge, Black Stone Cherry, Blues Saraceno, Joe Bonamassa, Halestorm, Shinedown, Sixx A.M., In This Moment, Vixen, Mr Big, Doro Pesch and many more! We listen from metal and rock bands to country and blues artists.

What was it like working on the composition and the  lyrics? Did you work alone or was it a whole band process? 

This is a whole band process, absolutely. We are used to start from a musical sketch and then to develop together the structure, the harmony arrangements etc. Sometimes we rely on technology and send each other ideas to work at home individually. After the music is finished, I write the lyrics.

Why did you decide to go with this album title?

In 2019 the band lived love moments (weddings), death situations and flies -  funny anecdotes! We knew that writer Augusto Monterroso tells that the whole literature is based on these three topics, so we thought that it fit us perfectly as the album title.

Which are your future plans?

We had a Spanish tour planned and considered the possibility of playing abroad again. We would have done the video recording for the song “Queen of Flies” already, but it had to be postponed several times due to the lockdowns. However, we are working on this video clip, we are looking for locations, outfits, actors and scheduling all the details.

Thank you very much, Barbara!

Thank you for this amazing interview. Rock on!!