Social Scream is a Greek heavy/thrash metal band, formed in Sparta in 2008. With three full-length albums in their discography, Social Scream are ready to make their breakthrough. Myth of Rock listened to the band's latest album, "Organic Mindset", and contacted immediately Alexandros Oikonomou (bass). Alexandros answered our questions kindly and talked about Social Scream, the band's music and a lot of other interesting topics. Please continue reading!

by Michalis Kapetanakis 

Welcome guys! How are things going for Social Scream?

Hi there! Thanks for your interest in our band and the interview! In general we are in a very productive period. We are preparing a live stream show for Bonebreaker online festival and we are adding the last details for our upcoming album. Unfortunately, due to the second lockdown in Greece and the whole corona situation, all our concert plans stay on hold, so we focus on things we can do.

Are you satisfied with the feedback to your latest album, “Organic Mindset”?

Yes, we are. The feedback is positive and we gain new listeners and friends with our latest album.

Are there any plans for another release in the near future or do you find this is not essential for now?

As I told you before, we have almost finished our upcoming release. It will be a double - CD album, entitled “From Ashes To Hope”, including re-recorded versions of some of our old tracks and demos. It is going to be released around March-April 2021.

How would you describe the sound of Social Scream?

We play heavy/thrash metal with both old school and modern elements. Our roots are based on the style of the 80s and the 90s, but we try to have a fresh, clear production that can face the current standards.

Which are your musical idols?

I don’t want to use the word “idol”, but we definitely respect all classic metal bands that established our genre. Also, there are a lot of underground bands and scenes that have an effect on us. Greek metal scene is definitely one of them.

The video clip for your song “Truth Divider” shows a very heavy and dark side of the band.  Tell us a few words and special moments about the video session.

We filmed the parts of the video during the first lockdown in Greece (March, April 2020), so due to the restrictions, each member filmed his part separately. The guys from Think Recording Studios and Dope of Sound Studios helped us with the shootings and our friend Louis Vlachakis did the edit. The song is a fast, in your face thrasher one, so we wanted to make a high action playthrough videoclip.

What is your opinion about the use of internet? Is it helpful for the bands or are the bands just lost in a sea of information?

This is the big question for all contemporary bands. For sure, your work is exposed to many people, but the point is how many of them will stay in touch with the band and become active listeners of your material. As a band, we try not to overdo with meaningless posts and updates, but bring out quality stuff at the right time.

Any live plans for the band?

At the 12th of December a free live stream show is going to broadcast through YouTube. Check the link at Craneometal YouTube channel.

What is your biggest dream for Social Scream?

To continue writing and playing music for many years and have the opportunity to meet and interact with music lovers and musicians.

How did you get started with music? Any special musical studies?

Vlassis and I took a few lessons, when we started as kids, but we mostly learnt music through our influences and playing with other people. Kimonas and Foivos studied in music schools for many years and they are also involved with many bands and projects during the years.

What do you think about the Greek metal scene? Are there any new bands that you like?

The Greek scene is one of the best in the world these two last decades. There are many quality bands in all genres. Some bands that I listened lately are Need, Sunburst, Black Fate and Project Renegade.

Congratulations and good luck with your work, guys! The last words are yours.

Thanks for the questions! Don't forget to check our latest album, “Organic Mindset”! Be positive and stay healthy, hope to grab a beer together and meet in one of our concerts soon!