Geometry of Chaos … an Italian band with a peculiar sound, a band which differs from the average metal bands. You may find so many different elements in their music – classic rock, hard rock, heavy metal, progressive rock/metal etc., in a great, awesome mix. Brainchild of guitarist Fabio La Manna, Geometry of Chaos steps out from the dark and has just offered us the “Soldiers of the New World Order” debut album. Strange and beautiful, Geometry of Chaos’ music will impress you – Myth of Rock was impressed too, and contacted Fabio in order to explore the phenomenon named Geometry of Chaos!

For those who don’t know you, who are Geometry Of Chaos?

It is a musical project by me and Davide Cardella on drums, based in Torino, in the northwest of Italy. Our music has a focus on emotions and heavy riffs, it sounds atmospheric, melodic, but also with some kind of rage, with a concept of freedom from control, and liberty.

Which word do you think is the best definition of your sound? Metal? Rock? Something else?

Progressive … Maybe, in terms of doing things with total freedom and do what we want without trying to sound like others. Metal and rock are our basis, with sick drums, cool guitar riffs and everything.  A sort of progressive metal band that sounds like no others.

Which moments do you consider your highlights and which ones as the worst?

There are some moments in the “Soldiers of the New World Order” album, on the song “Premonition” and the title track, that always come with a shiver on my spine, after all the work I’ve done with the songs. Maybe these two are the highlights, the worst, now … that’ s a  difficult question, maybe “Joker’s Dance” could be a little bit shorter!

Which were your influences from the very start? What has changed now?

From the very start, when I was very young, I was listening to a lot of classic rock and then metal, then I discovered a lot of subgenres, a lot of other music styles. So, there are many bands and artists that have an influence on me, also on Davide. At the moment, I am more on heavier stuff, maybe because I feel angry about our society.

Talking about your new album, which is the concept of your record?

Imagine there is a New World Order out there, for real, an elite who controls the existence, the lifestyle, fate, and everything, of everyone. There are also some persons who have specific work to do, in order to maintain the power of few people that no one knows who they are. They just have missions, sometimes they clearly know their activities are for the Order’s interest, but in many other cases people don’t know why they are doing what they’re doing, they don’t know why they are living the way they’re living.

One of the band’s characteristics is your perfect musicianship! How difficult is to sound so great? What do you have to sacrifice for technique and theory lessons?

Thank you very much for the compliment. Well, we have worked hard since when we were younger, to achieve some level on the instruments. I personally have enjoyed jamming and composing, since I was a little child. So it’s a lot about practice and never giving up! We can always be better than what we are now, so it’s quite a challenge with ourselves. I think that music is the best way to express our emotions, so it is necessary.

Many things have changed in music, since the ‘90s. How do you see these changes and music, in general, now?

Things always evolve and change, society is changing rapidly, and music is changing too. The only thing that counts sometimes is to appear normal and nice, but it’s good to be different, to be not so much involved with the masses. It’s a question of education and how personality develops. I don’t want to be part of the mass control, so I try to stay away from the mainstream music. I want to hear much experimentation, I want to hear someone who is not aligned with the system. There is a lot of great music, both entertaining and innovative. Nowadays, there is a more technical approach both on instruments and technologies, in comparison to the past, so it is good, when this stuff is in smart and brave hands.

Italy was always mighty in culture and especially music. Why do you think this happens and how’s the scene nowadays?

We have changed from being pioneers in many arts, to be too influenced by the UK/ USA lifestyle and fashion, culture and everything. Cultures developed really in parallel with the wellness and health of the nations, so probably in late 90 the richer and more powerful nations have blazed the trails, also from the cultural aspect. Italy is in an endless crisis since 1970, maybe even before. Our scholastic system is one of the worst, and there is a growth of poverty. We are struggling a crisis after another crisis.

What can we expect from Geometry Of Chaos in the future?

Music, passion, a strong effort to put out there our emotions and something unique. I want this project to be a sort of concept over the music. It is a bit philosophical too.

Would you like to leave a message or add something left unspoken?

I can say, try to give us a chance and listen to our music on digital platforms, we are out there also on YouTube on my channel.

Thank you for your time and congratulations for your great album!

Thanks for the opportunity. Have a nice trip on this world.