The name of the band says it all. Kansai Progressive Rock Orchestra is a progressive rock band, formed in 2017 in Kansai, Japan, and this is their same-titled debut album. Here you will listen what the name of the band promises – pure progressive rock! KPRO plays in a typical progressive rock style, which encapsulates all the characteristics of the genre; long complex, technical instrumental compositions, odd time signatures, improvisations and various music elements (classic rock, jazz rock, folk etc.). The songs of this first album are well-played, the sound of the band is tight and solid and the final outcome is classy, since, apart from virtuosic, KPRO is melodic too, expressing all their feelings and passion through their music. This state-of-the-art album is ideal for the listeners, who seek fine, intelligent, emotional progressive rock music, based on the progressive rock legacy of the 70s. Of course, it is not an easy to understand album, but it is rewarding. If you give it some time, it will reveal all its inner beauties. I personally like all the songs of this album (for example “Rebels”, “Kirkus”, “Sorrow in the Darkness” “Lost Illusions”), although it took me some time to discover the content of every song. I am sure that the same will happen with everyone, who loves progressive rock music! So, don’t wait, my friends, catch it and enjoy the amazing work of this Japanese orchestra! Let’s support a band, who has really caught the meaning of progressive/art rock music and is offering us now something unique!

♦ 7,5

   Dimitris Zacharopoulos