Beast in Black is back! This time we entitle their album “Dark Connection” and offer us a selection of eleven new songs. However, having listened to the new material of the band, I have to say that I am not that satisfied. Beast in Black’s new songs have the typical style, the personal sound of the band, that means you will hear again modern, melodic power metal as only Beast in Black can play. Yet, the new songs aren’t so good as the previous songs of the band, the new song ideas aren’t so inspired. Yes, the new work of Beast in Black is well performed, well produced, but not so nice, interesting and special. “Dark Connection” starts and ends in a beautiful way with the magnificent “Blade Runner” and the touching ballad “My Dystopia”, in between there are many mediocre songs though: “Bella Donna”, “Highway to Mars”, “Dark New World”, “Revengeance Machine” and “Broken Survivors” are a bit plain and have failed to keep my interest. And that is a pity, since the previous two albums of the band were fascinating, full of fresh, stunning song ideas, which kept you hot, wanting more and more! Yannis Papadopoulos’ soaring vocals are again incredible, the guitars sound powerful and the groovy, solid rhythm section falls upon you like an anvil. Nevertheless, we want more from Beast in Black, because we are used to better songs from the quintet, not because we are capricious. I am sure the new songs will sound better live, however, Beast in Black didn’t manage to reach the high bar.

♦ 6,5/10

Dimitris Zacharopoulos