In the ever-evolving landscapes of indie/alternative pop/rock music, bands that push the boundaries and defy the genres are a rare gem. One such gem is New Jersey’s CR and The Nones, a band whose latest, sophomore album is a great addition to the pop/rock music scene. In “The Ghosts Are Coming Home” we forget about the conventional norms and see a group of musicians, who redefines the essence of pop, rock and their fine mix. From the first note to the last, CR Gennone and his mates seamlessly blend elements of punk, folk and country with pop and rock, creating a nostalgic, sweet, melancholic tapestry of melodies. Here we face the delicate sound of pop, the raw energy of punk and rock, the vintage majesty of folk and country. This versatility showcases the band's ability to explore uncharted territories, while keeping the simplicity of pop/rock music. Every song is an example of the musician’s prowess and inspiration – CR's vocal delivery is nothing short of captivating, conveying a wide range of emotions with authenticity and finesse. At the same time, the instrumental arrangements are masterful – the guitar phrases seem like a caress and the rhythm section sounds tight and precise, providing a solid foundation for the album's sonic ventures. And the production of CR Gennone? Every instrument, every lyric, and every subtle nuance is meticulously crafted, resulting in a polished and cohesive sound. This album by CR and The Nones isn’t a groundbreaking one, however, it is the result of pure musical genius, a must-listen release, which leaves you craving for more.

♦ 8/10

Dimitris Zacharopoulos