Lemmy’s buddy for some decades, the Welshman Phil Campbell, together with his Bastard Sons (this is a family affair after all!) take it over from where they left it the previous time (last album before the ‘Kings of the Asylum’ was ‘We’re the Bastards’ in 2020). He is flying high the Motörhead flag and he is doing it with a respectful way. ‘Kings of the Asylum’ is a hard rock/rock n’ roll album worthy of its makers and its rocker DNA. This is not a revival of something. In the sense of playing exactly the same and trying to beat the past. Of course, It pays tribute to the actual roots where it comes from, but it is not just another copy or imitation. Not at all! The band is in great form! There is a ton of great riffs, the feeling is right here, and the album has the catchy and picky edge. Phil Campbell has nothing to prove and to no one. Joel Peters on vocals makes a very loud statement with his performance and is the perfect fit for this group. The songs have a very convenient flow, the rhythm section does the work so good and there are a lot of songs which will be played live, especially in great arenas. There are brilliant choruses (e.g.: ‘Strike the Match’) where the album becomes anthemic and so joyful to listen to. ‘No Guts! No Glory!’ and ‘Maniac’ have a punk attitude which is brilliantly fitted to the overall character of the record. We definitely want more from the Bastards Sons and their father in the near future and hope to see them live as well, this is highly anticipated!

♦ 7/10

Antonis Mantzavinos