Black Rose Burning is a New York based alternative rock trio, which was formed by George Grant (vocals, bass, synth) in 2018, and “Ad Astra” is their new, third album. It is my first encounter with this band and I can say that I am enthused! Their sound is 100% post-punk, however, they aren’t just another band with this particular style. Black Rose Burning have a strong romantic element in their music, they express all their rich feelings through their music, which ends up to be very emotional, atmospheric and evocative. The band’s name tells everything about their music character – “black” describes their gothic touch, “rose” their romanticism and “burning” their passion … as for the album title, again, “ad astra” underlines their romantic mood. If you take all the above in consideration, you will understand the unique identity of Black Rose Burning and their beautiful nuances of their music. I have to say that in here I have found songs that I truly love – “Ad Astra”, “Sing To Me”, “Fight!” and “So Cold” are incredibly good compositions, the top of a fantastic album, which will make everyone good company. I am sure that you will dig the indie rock influences of the whole guitar work, the gentle, omnipresent synthesizers, the charming voice of George Grant … I am already a fan of this band, trying to listen to everything they have released! Black Rose Burning deliver a fine record, which should not be missed. An album, which will fly you to the stars!

♦ 8/10

Dimitris Zacharopoulos