Jag Panzer has always been one of my favorite classic metal bands. Since the 80s, the Americans have been delivering true, hot, original heavy metal for the ones, who seek for quality in their music. Of course, their latest album, “The Deviant Chord” wasn’t exactly what I was expecting from Jag Panzer, however, six years of absence were too much. This time the legendary band comes back with “The Hallowed”, which is a concept album. After listening to it for a certain period of time, I can say that this new release is … amazing! Harry Conklin, Mark Briody and the rest of the guys offer us a superb album of furious, old-fashioned heavy metal! All the songs of “The Hallowed” are earworms, pure heavy metal thunders, with refrains, riffs and solos, which stick to your mind (Ken Rodarte is a real guitar hero!). This time the metal machine of Jag Panzer plays full-throttle its evocative songs, which sound so fresh, powerful and dramatic! The quintet from Colorado seems invigorated, but at the same time, here you will find all the trademarks of their music. They manage to unleash their metal power and simultaneously, they tell the interesting story of the concept. There are no gaps here, just metal hymns like “Bound As One”, “Ties That Bind”, “Stronger Than You Know”, “Onward We Toil” etc. Of course, the album ends with a captivating opus, “Last Rites”, which is the zenith of the album’s magic! I am so crazy about this album, I am already looking forward to catch a live show of Jag Panzer!!

♦ 8,5/10

Dimitris Zacharopoulos