“Songs for the Non-Existent” is the sophomore album of Disillusive Play, the Greek hard rock/melodic metal act, which is released by WormHoleDeath. After listening to this album, I really try to pick up my pieces. We are talking about a shockingly good album, which will haunt your heart and mind. Disillusive have released a masterpiece, a superb record of inspired and elegant hard rock/metal, with a plethora of stunning melodies and sophisticated riffs. You will find many interesting elements here, prog rock/metal elements, alternative rock elements, even pop elements, just like in the band’s debut, however, this time everything’s sounds perfect! The Greeks have formed a sonic amalgam, beautiful, enchanting, captivating, with the guidance of Bob Katsionis – another victory for the Greek musician/producer. This songwriting class, matched with a brilliant musicianship and tons of passion and feeling, lead to the unparalleled result of “Songs for the Non-Existent”. Antigoni Kalamara is a protagonist here, as she is giving everything she has, just like the two guitarists, who weave a charming guitar web – it is a matter of time you are caught in this web! Songs like “Enough”, “Why”, “Love or Fear”, “Parallel Lives (A Song for the Non-Existent)” and “Demon’s Glove” are fine examples of the band’s skills – personally, I am overwhelmed by the quality of this work, and I am sure everyone will be. This is a music masterpiece, it will touch your heart, it will melt you down, it will make you smile and cry. Excellent, guys, excellent indeed!

♦ 9/10

Dimitris Zacharopoulos