You can say that Tarchon Fist belong to the New Wave of Traditional Heavy Metal, however, they were formed in 2005 (in Italy) and their first album was released in 2008. And listening to their new album, “The Flame Still Burns”, is a super-satisfying activity! The Italian band continues in its established style, which means they still play in a classic, traditional, old-fashioned heavy metal way, which sounds so fresh and intriguing! What I most like in this album, is that it has good songs – you won’t find here indifferent tracks that just fill the space, only thunderous anthems of classic 80s heavy metal. There isn’t not a single moment that you will get tired or bored here – “The Flame Still Burns” is a top class record, with catchy melodies, unforgettable riffs and irresistible themes, in epic compositions of true metal (“Wolfpack”, “Soldiers in White”, “9/11”, “The Man” etc.). Of course, they have many Iron Maiden influences, but I would say that they are reminiscent of the legendary NWOBHM like Samson, Saxon, White Spirit etc. Taste the band’s fifth album and get excited with the dueling guitars, the galloping drums, the leading bass and the passionate vocals. Everything is perfect and I have the impression that Tarchon Fist has just released one of the genre’s best records of 2023. The flames of heavy metal are burning and with this kind of album, the fire will never go out. So, don’t ignore this marvelous band! They have great things to offer, and many arrows in their quiver.

♦ 8/10

Dimitris Zacharopoulos