Unborn Prophecy comes from Costa Rica and their thing is death metal. Don’t expect something mediocre here, since the Costa Ricans are crushing it! Yes, the quintet plays a progressive, groovy kind of death metal, in the vein of Death, Opeth, Gojira, Lamb of God etc. Their compositions of “Waking Our Ancient Memories” are very strong, since Unborn Prophecy have all the needed skills to perform something that is technical, straightforward and catchy. As soon as you listen to their first full-length album, you will get thrilled, because the Costa Ricans have the razor-sharp riffs, the unbeatable groove and the memorable themes that will grab you by the neck. The guitars are furious, the rhythm section is like an anvil falling on your head and the blackened death vocals sound ferocious! The fresh and interesting ideas form great songs, just like “Whispers”, “Ancient Alchemy”, “The Seven Blood Lines” and “Awakening of Tiamat”, with many extraordinary – prog and folk! – elements. Recorded at Stereorat Studios with the experienced Marcos Monnerat, “Waking Our Ancient Memories” is a hell of an album and with its songs, Unborn Prophecy can gaze at the future with a smile of optimism. I have already noted down their name and wait for something even bigger in the near future! My friends, we have a small masterpiece here, so look out for this band from Costa Rica! Now!

♦ 8/10

Dimitris Zacharopoulos