The Silent Rage, a well-respected act in the Greek power metal scene, comes back with a new album, “Nuances of Life”, out via Scarlet Records. In this sophomore album the band appears to be very self-confident – it seems that The Silent Rage have broken the chains and finally, are fulfilling their talent with conviction and finesse. “Nuances of Life” stands as a work of maturity, a product of self-awareness and progress, an album that the Greeks should be proud of. In their debut, they had shown they are good songwriters, however, here the band’s force cannot be stopped, with the result of excellent power metal songs. I liked “The Deadliest Scourge”, but I really love “Nuances of Life”. The quintet is in great shape and with Michael Rinakakis behind the microphone, they create their best album to date. Nikos Siglidis and co. continue their US power metal ride, basing their compositions on sharp riffs, groovy themes and catchy vocal lines – you won’t find a weak moment in “Nuances of Life”, only favorite songs (my personal favorites are “Carve Your Rage”, “Crows Fly Back”, “Another Fallen Dreamland” and “The Man in the Mirror”). The incredible guitars and the amazing vocals are the protagonists of the album, the elements which make the difference. If the debut was a first step, “Nuances of Life” is the album with which The Silent Rage spreads its wings and flies. It is obvious that the Greek power metallers, having showcased their trademarks, can now ascend to the top of their category!

♦ 8/10

Dimitris Zacharopoulos