If I had to describe The Mystery Plan with only some adjectives, I would say they are “mysterious, dreamy and adventurous”. These words set the soundscapes of The Mystery Plan and its new album “Haunted Organic Machines” and summarize the long content of this new release. However, words are so poor to describe music, especially when we are talking about The Mystery Plan and their musical efforts! “Haunted Organic Machines”, the band’s eighth full-length record, is a smorgasbord of different musical elements and styles, is a fusion of pop, electronica, dance music, lounge, ambient, psychedelia and space rock! I would dare to say that the songs of The Mystery Plan is the soundtrack of everyone’s dreams … Coming from North Carolina, The Mystery Plan compose music that takes us on various trips, write songs which mesmerize and hypnotize our mind. And mostly, they create hypnotic, dramatic and evocative atmospheres, where you drown peacefully. The sound production is superb and lets the artists express their selves musically and emotionally, in an album which has things to say and offer to the serious and demanding listener. I personally got into a psychedelic trip, with these songs as a time machine, which travelled me to the late 60s, then returned me to the contemporary music scene! Songs like “Big Bliss”, “Inner Space”, “Late Night” and the two versions of “What a Day” are a ascension to the stars of the night sky. Let the stars in the dark lead you to the big light.

- 8/10

Dimitris Zacharopoulos