Jody and The Jerms hail from Oxford, England, and were formed in the summer of 2019. This release is their third album and it is titled “Wonder”. No wonder why they gave this name to their new effort! “Wonder” is wonderful, a musical … wonder that will seduce the fans of indie/alternative pop! Jody and The Jerms emerge from the shadowy British scene and due to their fantastic melodies and catchy refrains, they come here to stay. Their new opus is the triumph of smart and simple songwriting, the zenith of elegant musicianship, the apex of delicate, charming performances. You listen to the songs and you get carried away by the melodic hooks and the buoyant feeling. “Started Something”, “Counting Dreams”, “The Harder I Try”, “Insatiable” and “Bare” are instant classics, just some selections from the superb, perfect whole of twelve songs, which sound amazing and leave the listener breathless. Once you give “Wonder” a chance, you will surrender to its indie/alt pop majesty, to its cheerful character and true feeling. You will love this record and the band’s skill to compose nice little songs, which speak to your mind and heart. Of course, the star of Jody shines brightly and you won’t find any mistakes in the overall production of Ride’s frontman, Mark Gardener. If you are into indie pop, then you have to make a stop here and taste the new album by Jody and The Jerms. They have important things to say, they have vital things to offer.

♦ 8/10

Dimitris Zacharopoulos