If you are looking for music to dream with, then you have to listen to Withered Hand. The new album of the Edinburgh-based singer/songwriter comes as a blessing for all those, who love music and have learnt to live with music. “How To Love” is a collection of folk/pop/rock songs, crafted with wisdom and maturity by a sophisticated musician, who likes simple, romantic and emotional music. Withered Hand’s new songs are like angels’ lullabies, which will calm you down and help you find your inner sacred serenity. The album starts amazingly with “Feelings” and “Crippled Love”, finds a top with “Waking Up”, “How To Love”, “Serenity Prayer”, “Misery and Company” and “Give Myself Away” and ends gloriously with “Still Quiet Voice” and “Comedown”. It is always an honor, a privilege to listen to such a charismatic songwriter – Withered Hand takes us under his wings and we fly together to the rainbows of the horizon. He knows how to compose fine songs, managing to avoid clichés and to find a sonic perfection. The nine compositions of this album won’t tire you – on the contrary, you will have a wonderful ride on the basis of elegant performances, enchanting arrangements and a beautiful voice. “How To Love” is the road to a musical paradise, paved by Withered Hand. Trust Withered Hand, listen to his stories, enjoy the luminous melodies and dive into a sea of tranquility. We all need albums like “How To Love”!

♦ 8/10

Dimitris Zacharopoulos