Hailing from Lausanne, Switzerland, Hartlight is a duo, who likes to play in a melodic power metal style. The band’s name comes from the combination of two words – hart, which in German means “hard”, and light, and that’s how the duo helps us to understand its musical concept. They take elements from power metal, extreme metal, folk, pop and classical music, and they present their own kind of metal. In my ears it is a successful amalgam – you can judge by listening to the four songs of “From Midland and Beyond”, which comes to put Hartlight on the power metal map. The material of the duo is well-worked, performed and produced, it sounds very straightforward and catchy. It is based on the fine melodies, the beautiful vocals of Noémie Allet, the speedy patterns and last but not least, the wonderful guitar work of Adrien Djouadou. Take the fantasy lyrics into account and you will get the whole picture of this EP. Hartlight showcases its love for melodic/symphonic power metal, with all its issues and clichés, and offers a release, which warms us up and makes us want to listen to a full-length album! They are not reinventing their genre, they don’t reveal something new, however, they are very good in what they are doing. I feel I won’t ever stop listening to the four songs of this EP!

♦ 8/10

Dimitris Zacharopoulos