Judas Priest's Rob Halford has expressed his support to Ukraine (which is under the Russian attack), during the band's concert in Poland recently. While performing "Blood Red Skies" at the Mystic Festival in Gdańsk on June 3rd 2022, Halford said "never surrender" and repeated the phrase "Free Ukraine!". The legendary singer took the

In the past, Halford was asked by a reader Metal Hammer UK, if politics have a place in metal and he responded: "Absolutely they do and I've been putting my two penn'orth into PRIEST's music for most of my life, but it's concealed by smoke and mirrors. Take a song like 'Evil Never Dies' [from 'Firepower']. I make some digs there and I know what I mean, but here's the thing, especially for a band like PRIEST: music is about escapism. If I hear one more thing about Brexit, I don't know what I will do. To me there's a place for politics and I applaud bands that make it important in what they do, but with me the clues are there if you want to look for them".




Anthrax bassist Frank Bello has announced his debut solo EP, "Then I'm Gone", out via Rare Bird. Issued as a deluxe gatefold split 12-inch, the EP contains three songs alongside excerpts from his 2021 autobiography, read by the author and accompanied by additional new music. Bello performs all instruments (except drums) on "Then I'm Gone", "It Won't Be Long" and "See Me Now", as well as the score accompanying the narrated pieces, each selected and read from the book released with Rare Bird last year, "Fathers, Brothers, And Sons: Surviving Anguish, Abandonment, And Anthrax". 

Bello explains: "I revisited some really dark times in my life when I was writing my book, and writing these songs was the result of reliving them. Music has always been a great outlet for me as a coping mechanism. I felt it was a good time to put out these songs for people who connected with the book and maybe some who haven't yet. Thanks for listening!".

"Then I'm Gone" EP deluxe gatefold vinyl is available for preorder now in limited-edition purple and white/purple splatter variants, as well as standard black vinyl, direct through Rare Bird (www.rarebirdlit.com) and Experience Vinyl (www.experiencevinyl.com). All preorders include a digital download code with the full vinyl audiobook in the sealed vinyl jacket and a monthly email with links to audio, video, instrumentals, and bonus material.

Track listing

Side A:

01. Then I'm Gone
02. It Won't Be Long
03. See Me Now

Side B:

01. First Kiss
02. Compass Point
03. See Me Now (Revisited)

Legendary heavy metal band Jack Starr's Burning Starr has announced its new album! Its title is "Souls of the Innocent" and it will hit the stores on July 15th 2022 worldwide. The official press release follows:

Jack Starr's Burning Starr are proud to announce their new album "Souls Of The Innocent" released by Global Rock Records July 15th worldwide!!! Global Rock has 200 early pre-order copies that are shipping immediately for those who would like first listen to this great new Power Metal masterpiece before the official release on July 15, 2022, please click the link below for ordering info: https://www.thestoreformusic.com/...

"Souls Of The Innocent" continues Jack and the band's commitment to true U.S. style Power Metal... new vocalist Alexx Panza also continues the band's legacy of discovering great vocal talent.
Jack has the following to say about the new album:
"When Virgin Steele put out its first album in 1982 we were asked by the record company to say a few words about it and why people should buy it ... I remember all of us discussing the various influences we had and what the songs were about, I recall one member saying people should buy the album because it has some great songs that were very heavy and had cool riffs; I recall someone else in the band saying the vocals were killer and the drums were like thunder and that metal fans would like it. Someone else said the guitar playing is really great. But what I remember most is when the bass player uttered these simple words "Buy It...It's Good".
Now it's 40 years later and that sentence makes even more sense. The new album by Burning Starr "Souls of the Innocent", the band Jack Starr founded in 1984 is on its 10th album... Yes, they have gotten better ...Yes, they have thunderous drums provided by Rhino (former drummer of Manowar) and yes, they have killer vocals that some would describe as "pillar crumbling" provided by Alexx Panza, and yes, again they have massive and agile playing by long time Burning Starr bassist Ned Meloni ...last but not least some great guitar playing by ex-Virgin Steele guitar legend Jack Starr. But after all the hype and catch phrases fade away, the bottom line still remains... and the words still ring true... "Buy it...It's Good"!
The first single is the album's title track and the accompanying music video is already available.

Lzzy Hale has posted a message on Instagram, in celebration of Pride Month, where she shares some personal information - Halestorm frontwoman reveals that she is "unapologetically bisexual" and admits that she hid her "bisexuality for a long time". Last Wednesday (15th of June) we wrote the following on Instagram: "I've been approached by many outlets this month talking about pride … but I'm deciding to post this …straight from this lil bi – horses mouth. I understood there was something different about me from an early age. Growing up in a semi Christian household, all of the things I was feeling were inherently wrong. So I hid my bisexuality for a long time. It was through being in a band getting out of organized religion, finding my tribe and trudging through the dark murky waters of life that I was then able to be truly comfortable owning all the things that make me…Me. I'm unapologetically bisexual. Navigating within my own spectrum of this tremendous rainbow that we are all a part of. What I hope to pass onto you, whether you are in a state of pride or still riding the high seas… is that by being your true self, embracing what makes you stand out to others, and owning your weird… these things ultimately become your superpowers. Your true self Is precious, no one can take it from you unless you let them. Wield it like a secret weapon. As far as I know…We only get one time around this ride. So Live and breathe every single part of you. The good the bad, the colorful and the queer. Rock on motherfuckers! I celebrate you! #pridemonth #happypride #halestorm #lzzbians

We must mention that Hale has been in a relationship with Halestorm guitarist Joe Hottinger for nearly two decades.