Montreal-based indie rock/post-punk quartet The Ember Glows has released their new EP 'Where Spirits Play', a 4-track offering recorded at Closet Studios in Montreal with elements of Simple Minds, The Cult, Echo and the Bunnymen, early U2, Nick Cave and The Mission at the fore.

Formed in 2019 by members of Montreal-based indie artists Room Control, REPO, Scene Noir and Citylake, The Ember Glows is Richard Bunze (guitar), Kevin Hills (bass), Martin Saint (vocals and guitar) and Dan Stefik (drums).

Leading up to this EP, The Ember Glows previewed the singles 'Silent Love' and 'The Mirror'. About the latter, frontman Martin Saint says this is "about how most nations carry skeletons in their closets - even the so-called peaceful ones. Sooner or later, we must face the weight of history and the past hits us hard collectively".
The Ember Glows trace their roots to guitar-driven new wave, psych rock and 90’s British indie music, having crafted a sound that boasts simple hooks, a pulsating rhythm section, textural guitar interplay and baritone vocals.  

Friends since their teenage years, personal chemistry and musical synchronicity brought them together as The Ember Glows. With all four members also being part of other bands, what started as a side-project ultimately became everyone’s main music priority, fueled by their jointly-forged sound and corresponding adrenaline. Each member brings something different to the table - Rich with his knack for texture and big sound, Kevin’s rumbling groovy bass lines, Dan’s manic and melodic drumming, and Martin’s delicate lacing of baritone and jangly guitars.

The 'Where Spirits Play' EP is out now, available from Apple Music and other digital stores, as well as Bandcamp, where their 'Passerby' EP is also available on cassette and digitally.

1. Tomorrow's The Day
2. The Mirror
3. Silent Love
4. High Fever


WTF Records present a re-issue of the Milan-based Toxic Youth’s latest album, Back to You-TH, originally released in November 2020, 24 years after their debut full-length. This second pressing of Back to You-TH, scheduled for 25 November 2022 on digipak CD, comes with a bonus track (“Libera La Mente”) and an album cover with black background (unlike the white background in the first issue). 

Formed in 1990, Toxic Youth dominated the mid to late ’90s with their uncompromising hardcore sound. A rough and ready four-piece of Christian, Max, Ale, and Novo, the band first broke ground in 1993 when they released their self-titled demo on cassette. With eight tracks of fierce hardcore sounds and visceral thrash influences into the public consciousness. It was the spark that would set fire to the underground scene.

Soon after the release, the band were carving their own path through the Italian music scene, earning their stripes and gaining recognition for their intense and uncompromising live shows. After touring and supporting bands such as RKL, DOA, Beastie Boys, Franky Hi-Nrg, the band went into the studio and recorded their debut album, Real Attitudes… Not Words!, released on CD (1996). A now-legendary DIY release.

While Toxic Youth continued playing shows and tours throughout the late-90s and 2000s, it wasn’t until they met a new drummer in 2018 that they really started working on a new release. Finally, the band picked things up exactly where they left off and completed their second full-length, Back to You-TH. The album pulls no punches and proves beyond any doubt that the band haven’t lost their knack for aggressive, breakneck riffs and relentless punk anthemics with a Toxic Twist.

Get ready to board Toxic Airlines for a flight filled with energizing songs about life, music, blood, sweat, tears, love, brotherhood, and fun! All brimmed with rolling basslines, guitar hooks, tight drums, and vocals that make you want to sing a long, think, scream it out loud, and drink a beer with old and new friends!!

It’s time to do it again!!

Track Listing:
01. Walkin’ Free
02. Milano Rendez Vous
03. Toxic Airlines
04. The Beast
05. Burn Your Mind
06. Do It Again
07. Double Ice Cream
08. Realize
09. Light & Gold
10. … Be a Man …
11. Body Core
12. Do It
13. Libera La Mente (Bonus Track)

Ale – Vocals 
Cri – Guitars
Novo – Bass
Hichy – Drums

Recorded at Toxic Basement Studio With Carlo Altobelli in December 2019.
“Libera La Mente” recorded at ADSR DECIBEL Studio with Carlo Meroni
Photos by Luca Ash.
Graphics by Temp.

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The Pull of Autumn teams with Japanese dreamgaze outfit Once Grace Forever on 'Live Today' single. This new single follows 'Outlaw Empire' with Mark Stewart, Adrian Sherwood, previewing 'Beautiful Broken World' LP.

Press Release

Art rock collective The Pull of Autumn presents their new single 'Live Today', a joint collaboration with Tokyo dreamgaze band Once Grace Forever. with a kaleidoscopic video created by Rosie Varela of acclaimed shoegaze band EEP. 

This comes on the trail of the lead track - 'Outlaw Empire' featuring The Pop Group legend Mark Stewart and bassist Doug Wimbish (Living Colour, Tackhead, The Rolling Stones, Sugarhill Gang), which is remixed by legendary producer Adrian Sherwood. 

"This song celebrates living in the now and enjoying each day as it unfolds. Its rhythm gently unfolds into an anthem of soft lifting sound," says Daniel Darrow.  

"It was exciting to work with much younger musicians on this track as it helps build bridges musically from artists who span across generations to find a community bond in the craft of songwriting and musical production."      

In a never-ending search reaching every corner of the world, The Pull of Autumn's architect Daniel Darrow came across Once Grace Forever while listening to independent radio. Preliminary contact, mutual admiration and talks of collaboration ultimately culminated in this song with Darrow giving it a dream-pop feel by slowing the song down and adding light synth textures and long harmonic trails to the body.      

These initial tracks preview the band's fourth album 'Beautiful Broken World', an ambitious 15-track undertaking that began in early 2020 and involves a number of iconic artists, including Philip Parfitt of The Perfect Disaster, Stuart Moxham of Rough Trade postpunk band Young Marble Giants, Luke Skyscraper James of I.R.S. recording artist FASHION and John Neff, who has contributed to multiple David Lynch films and is also a member of David Lynch’s Blubob.

The Pull of Autumn is a ‘super group’ of sorts, with songs orbiting around Rhode Island artist Daniel Darrow of Johanna’s House of Glamour and involving numerous emerging and notable musicians from the local music scene and further abroad. The band's debut 2018 eponymous album was followed by 'Afterglow' in 2019 and 'Small Colors' in 2020.

As of November 16, 'Live Today' will be available across online stores and streaming platforms like Apple Music and Spotify (where 'Outlaw Empire' can also be found), as well as Bandcamp, where the "Beautiful Broken World' LP (out on December 9) is now available for pre-order.






Exist In Ruin presents a new single, "Although I Live I Die", which is a track taken from Exist in Ruin's self-titled EP due for release via Wormholedeath.

Exist in Ruin is a symphonic black metal/melodic death metal project founded by Seattle, WA-based guitarist/songwriter, Teren. Instrumentally, the main influences inspiring the sound of Exist in Ruin are leaders in their genres; Dimmu Borgir (Symphonic Black Metal), and Amon Amarth (Melodic Death Metal.)
​Lyrically, this self-titled Exist in Ruin EP takes the listener on a dark rollercoaster ride through genocide, tyranny, religious persecution, mental illness, malpractice, and the supernatural. Persecution is the overwhelming theme throughout where each song tells a story of a ‘victim’ being persecuted by some entity, malpractice, or inner turmoil.
All songs (guitars, bass, and drum programming) are written and performed by Teren, including lyric writing and vocal pattern designs. During the writing process, Teren recruited world-class musicians from around the globe to make his dark musical vision a reality.

Featured artists include stunning accompanying symphonic compositions from Jonah Weingarten (Pyramaze, Catalyst Crime, We Are Sentinels, Structure of Inhumanity), world-class Soprano, classical, and metal vocals from Jessy Christ (NZGL, Syndro-syS), brutal vocals from César Moreira (Enblood, Cult Burial, and Nephilim), virtuoso guitar solos from João Miguel (Enblood, Nephilim, Stonesun, Adamantine), and additional guitar solo shredding from top-notch session guitarist Konstantin Raydovski. Sebastian Bracht, guitarist and vocalist (Sophicide, Dahlian) also provides acapella metal choir vocals that make the music soar to a whole new emotional level.
​Exist in Ruin will continue to evolve musically and lyrically, and continue to recruit world-class talent that is best for the sound of the project’s future releases.