In the first episode of the newly revived "The Osbournes" podcast, Ozzy Osbourne revealed that he will need to undergo a fourth operation as well as get an epidural injection. The legendary Black Sabbath singer underwent extensive spinal surgery and other treatment following a fall at home in 2019 that aggravated injuries he suffered in a quad bike crash in 2003.

Double O said: "My lower back is, I'm going for an epidural soon because what's happening, what they've discovered is the neck has been fixed, below the neck there's two vertebrae where the bike hit me and disintegrated, there's nothing left of 'em". And he continued: "All I know is right now, I'm in a lot of pain, I'm in a lot of discomfort".

Ozzy and Sharon, his wife and manager, confirmed that this will be "surgery number four" for the 74-year-old musician, who expressed optimism about the upcoming procedure.