Corvus Corax is making its last preparations for the release of their new album, "Era Metallum", on the 24th of June, 2022. The band's song "Béowulf is mín nama", which features the one and only Doro, is out now. 

For the third herald of the album "Era Metallum" the "Kings of Minstrels" Corvus Corax team up with the Queen of Metal DORO PESCH to form an unbeatable unit. The outstanding metal singer sings the Old English heroic epos "Béowulf is mín nama" in its original language. The musical foundation is a skillful fusion of rapid 190bpm drumming by Norbert "Norri" Drescher and ingeniously melodic guitar riffs by Sami Yli-Sirniö, backed by powerful male choirs. The result is an incredibly catchy hybrid of speed, melody, and the unmistakable power voice of an absolute metal legend!

Watch the lyric video of "Béowulf is mín nama" right below. 

The album "Era Metallum" will be released on June 24, 2022, as a Limited Edition Double CD and digitally. The vinyl version will be available in stores from September 21, 2022. You can pre-save, and get the album at your favorite platform 

"Era Metallum" tracklist
Disc 1
01 Intro Gjallarhorni
02 Gjallarhorni
03 Sverker
04 Béowulf is mín nama
05 Lá í mbealtaine
06 Ragnarök
07 Hugin & Munin
08 Havfru
09 Víkingar
10 Yggdrasill
11 Gimlie
12 Na láma-sa

Disc 2
01 Lá í mbealtaine ft. Hansi Kürsch, Bill Gould & Sonia Anubis
02 Ragnarök ft. Sabina Classen
03 Béowulf is mín nama ft. Doro Pesch
04 Víkingar ft. Arndis Halla
05 Gimlie ft. Kärtsy Hatakka
06 Yggdrasill ft. Philipp Bischoff (Damnation Defaced)
07 Na láma-sa ft. Alan Nemtheanga A.