HIM frontman Ville Valo has just released a new solo single, "Loveletting", which will be included in "Neon Noir", his upcoming solo album. This album won't arrive before 2023. Valo commented on "Loveletting", when he spoke to Metal Hammer magazine: "'Loveletting' is one of the more mellow songs. I've always been shit with picking singles — I'm always wrong, so I let the label choose that and everybody was smiling when they heard it the first time, so they suggested it. I'm hoping the next one will be a lot more rock 'n' roll, harder hitting". Valo continued, referring to the musical style of "Neon Noir": "The new stuff definitely does sound like HIM. But I did write most of the songs, so… I'm to blame for that. It's a continuous journey from HIM for me. A lot of people when they move on to solo projects want to distance themselves from the past, burn bridges and start their solo career. It's different for me. VV is me building a bridge between HIM and the future. That's what 'Neon Noir' is".

"Loveletting" is Valo's first song in over two years, following the 3-track "Gothica Fennica Vol. 1" EP, released in March 2020.