Swedish black metal pioneers Dark Funeral present the first single and video “Let The Devil In”, taken off their upcoming full-length album “We Are The Apocalypse”, which will be released on March 18th, 2022 via Century Media Records. The unforgiving darkness of this brand-new track perfectly fits the gory and sinister atmosphere of the video – filmed, directed and edited by Grupa13 – giving a good foretaste of what you can expect from “We Are The Apocalypse”.

Guitarist and band founder Lord Ahriman states, “It is with great pleasure that we can hereby offer you a first taste of our upcoming album ‘We Are The Apocalypse’ with the track ‘Let The Devil In’. It may be a slightly different song from us, but it still holds the true darkness and spirit that is Dark Funeral. It was obvious to all of us that this would be the song that we set the bar with and premiere first. The song also comes with a video, which we recorded in Wroclaw, Poland together with Grupa13. It really was a great pleasure to work with such a professional team. The result is outstanding and fits this completely dark story that is ‘Let The Devil In’ very well.” . Ahriman further adds, “To me, ‘Let The Devil In’ comes in as a proof of the great deeds you can achieve when you turn to your innermost darkness and in harmony become one with your inner devil. ENJOY the darkness!”.

Tracklisting of “We Are The Apocalypse”:
1.    Nightfall
2.    Let The Devil In
3.    When Our Vengeance Is Done
4.    Nosferatu
5.    When I’m Gone
6.    Beyond The Grave
7.    A Beast To Praise
8.    Leviathan
9.    We Are The Apocalypse

But not enough, Dark Funeral will play a very special album release show on March 19th, 2022 at Fållan in Stockholm, Sweden, supported by special guest Samael and support act Eleine.

The show will also be streamed online. Streaming tickets will be available soon.

Dark Funeral live:
19.03. Stockholm, Sweden – Fållan
24.04. Tel Aviv, Israel – Gagarin Club TLV
07.05. Camden, United Kingdom – Electric Ballroom
10.06. Esbjerg, Denmark – Death Coast Festival 2022
11.06. Leeuwarden, Netherlands – Into The Grave 2022
24.06. Oslo, Norway – Tons Of Rock 2022
07.07. Ballenstedt, Germany – Rockharz Open Air 2022
15.07. Kristianstad, Sweden – Kristianstad Rockfest
10.08. Jaromer, Czech Republic – Brutal Assault 2022
12.08. Kortrijk, Belgium – Alcatraz 2022
13.08. Obermehler, Germany – Party San Open Air 2022
14.08. Walton On Trent, United Kingdom – Bloodstock Open Air 2022
20.08. Dinkelsbühl, Germany – Summer Breeze Open Air 2022


Symmetric Records proudly presents a new super project, Vass/Katsionis, and their debut album "Ethical Dilemma". The album will be released on February 2nd, 2022. Below you can read the official press release.

Press Release

"Ethical Dilemma" is the result of a collaboration between Terra 1nc0gnita's vocalist, Billy Vass, and multi-musician/producer, Bob Katsionis. The idea that started as a solo album for Vass, concluded to a progressive metal album, that could not go without the established name of Katsionis on the project, as a whole. With this in mind, the 2 collaborators joined their love for progressive metal music, each with his distinctive angle on songwriting, and the result is an 8 song journey, into the depths of time-changing signatures, complex guitars, and keyboards, and the unique 4-octave range of Billy Vass.

It seemed the timing was right for Katsionis and Vass to put something like this together, sighting the hiatus that Vass is taking from songwriting for Terra 1nc0gnita, and Bob stepping down from his responsibilities from the mighty Firewind. Joined by long time friends and bandmates Bill DiBenedetto on the drums and Telis Kafkas, one of Greece’s best professional bass players, they grabbed the chance to start songwriting, together, and the outcome is this exceptional record.

Billy Vass: "It's definitely a concept album. It didn't really begin that way. When I began writing the lyrics & melodies, I realised  how the music to every song had a "constant". Therefore, unintentionally, the lyrics started producing their own "constant". Although the songs are not storytelling through the lyrics, there is one specific theme in all of them. You can get a clearer picture by the album title. This collaboration brought out the best of my vocal &  lyric abilities. I gave it my all, heart &  soul, and I feel this album is transcendent." 

Bob Katsionis: “I’ve known Billy Vass for over a decade, and I was always amazed by both his vocal timbre and stage presence. By giving me the chance to write music for him, I could go in places I’ve never been before, or at least since 1998 when with playing Progressive metal with my former band, Retrospect. The 90’s progressive metal as it was presented to us by Fates Warning, Queensryche and Conception was our foundation, on which we built our own fortress, the “Ethical Dilemma” album.”




As with any other wild cat, the Tygers just couldn't be lockdown with anything to do. So, they got themselves busy! Tygers of Pan Tang are going to release a new EP via Mighty Music. The "A New Heartbeat" EP will be out on 25th February 2022 and will feature two brand new tracks, as well as two re-worked songs from their debut album "Wild Cat". Right below you can read the official press release.

Press Release 

What did the Tygers of Pan Tang do when the world was locked down? Well, quite a lot as it happens. For a start a new guitarist, Francesco Marras, and a new bass player, Huw Holding were recruited. They were also proud to collect a music industry award from Hard Rock Hell as winners in the NWOBHM section. And ... if that wasn’t enough, they have written and demoed their next album and produced a new four track E.P. 

The E.P. features two rerecorded tracks from their first album “Wild Cat” plus two new tracks. “Fireclown” and “Killers” from “Wild Cat” now firmly bear Francesco’s musical stamp and new tracks “A New Heartbeat” and “Red Mist” demonstrate what might be expected from the next Tygers album - the Tygers signature sound of heavy as hell riffs, finger knotting solos and Jack Meille’s vocals extraordinaire. The mix was executed by Marco Angioni at Angioni Studios and, as with all recent Tygers releases, the mastering was completed by Harry Hess. 

The release comes initially as a digipak CD and will only be available in physical form from the Tygers website and directly from their record company Mighty Music/Target Group. A vinyl version will follow. 

Robb Weir commented ““Fireclown” and “Killers” are much neglected Tygers gems. They are rarely played live but often requested so we thought it would be interesting to hear a modern take on them. Visiting the past brings back so many memories for us and, I’m guessing, for Tygers followers”. Jack Meille added: “Lockdown may have prevented us from playing live but it couldn’t curtail the creative spirt that has resulted in the creation of “A New Heartbeat” and “Red Mist” for this single”. 

“A New Heartbeat” EP will be released on digital, and digipack CD (with the vinyl version coming out later in the year) on February 25th, 2022 via Mighty Music. It’s on sale exclusively now in Targetshop.dk and in the band’s webshop.

Robb Weir - guitar 
Francesco Marras - guitar 
Jack Meille - vocals
Gav Grey - bass (on the EP) 
Huw Holding - bass
Craig Ellis - drums 



Official Ronnie James Dio documentary is set to be released this year. It is the first documentary about the legendary singer to be fully authorized by the artist's estate. BMG is both financier and executive producer of the film.

Wendy Dio spoke to journalist  Lucas Gordon and said: "It's coming out [later this] year. I [recently] saw the first cut of it. It was very emotional. It's very different from [Dio's autobiography]. 'Cause the book finishes in 1986, with Ronnie playing Madison Square Garden. But the documentary goes all the way through his life till the end. And it was very emotional. I was watching it with my publicist and a person from BMG, who are funding the documentary. And we all cried. It was very emotional. But it's really interesting and really good. Rob Halford is great in it, talking about stories. Lita Ford [and] Jack Black [are also in it]. Eddie Trunk [SiriusXM radio personality] and Mick Wall [author of Dio's autobiography] both kind of narrated it and everything. I'm very pleased with it. I don't know exactly when it's gonna come out [this] year, but it'll be out [this] year."

Notice that Ronnie James Dio's autobiography, titled "Rainbow In The Dark: The Autobiography", was released last July 2021.