Nick Cave. A great artist of the dark art, a gothic music icon, a legend of the alternative/indie music scene. Nick Cave, this famous musician, visited again Athens, Greece, for a unique live concert, in the frame of Release Athens Festival. I will put it straight – I am not a fan of Nick Cave, his music is not my cup of tea. This would be my first Nick Cave concert, so I didn’t know what to expect. Poor boy, you should say!

Loyal to the schedule, the band which started this day of the festival was Royal Arch. We are talking about a Greek band, which played its indie rock to a small crowd. Their performance was fine, their songs sounded interesting and they warmed us up. A nice beginning!

Sugar for the Pill was next. Again a Greek band, their indie rock/shoegaze set was satisfactory and they pleased the audience in Plateia Nerou, which audience was getting bigger and bigger.

The sun was setting, it was getting dark and it was the perfect time for Mogwai. The well-distinguished band from Glasgow hit the stage and I can say that they impressed me with their ambitious post rock. Their dreamy music forms beautiful soundscapes and its ventures, its ups and downs, its twists and tricks hold your attention. I am not a post-rock fan, but what I witnessed was truly amazing. This mysterious, mesmerizing post rock is the ideal soundtrack of modern life, the ideal music that encompasses our thoughts, our fantasies, our fears and desires. Mogwai shared their enchanting music with us and blew our minds. We were ready for Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds.

Nick Cave entered the stage and everyone got crazy in Plateia Nerou, which was now overcrowded. What I witnessed in his two-hour set was breathtaking. I saw and listened to a musician so passionate, so energetic, so sorrowful. Nick Cave laid down his soul on the stage of Plateia Nerou, he uncovered his inner self, he expressed his heart and mind, he mourned in front of us. This live show was a sacred moment, a musical, artistic moment which was engraved in our mind. It doesn’t matter which was the line-up of The Bad Seeds or which songs were performed that night. What matters is that Nick Cave and his band gave their best, gave their everything to us – and that was enthralling for all music aficionados, who were stacked packed like sardines to enjoy Nick Cave. I don’t remember the song titles, I remember that it was a fascinating concert, which explained to me why Nick Cave is considered such a great artist. His warm, heartfelt vocals touched me, shocked me, his wonderfully sung melodies were dramatic, theatrical, brought tears even to the strongest of his fans. This dark art, this dark gospel, this lunatic rock n’ roll came from another dimension, another world. And his band, apart from tight and precise, stood there, playing the music of our dreams, our nightmares. Nick Cave got “naked” for us and we appreciated that, opening our soul too. Yes, the communication between the artist and his audience was wonderful, life-changing. I have been in many live shows, but Nick Cave’s live confession was monumental, phenomenal.

I left the place full – full of melodies, full of messages, full of wonderful thoughts. You can name me a Nick Cave fan, even if I don’t know a goddamn song title. I admire now Nick Cave so much, I feel lucky I was there that night and I am looking forward for the next time. Into My Arms, o lord …

Dimitris Zacharopoulos

It was the first live concert of summer 2022 and for sure, it will belong to the best live concerts of that summer. I am talking about Nick Mason’s Saucerful of Secrets concert in Athens, Greece, on the 4th of June. It was a call to all the fans of classic rock music in Athens, a reason for all of us to gather and celebrate.

Pink Floyd’s legendary drummer, Nick Mason, had announced his coming to Greece, in order to give a special show with his new band, which is playing the music from the early days of Pink Floyd, that means until the “Obscured by Clouds” album (1972). Every Pink Floyd fan knew what he had to do that night – of course, the fans of Pink Floyd would prefer a reunion of their favorite band, however, they would have the opportunity to enjoy the one and only Nick Mason in a pretty rare performance!

With these thoughts on my mind I arrived at the Technopolis of Athens at 19:00 p.m. and sat patiently at the long queue. The doors soon opened and I noted that there were seats for the fans in front of the stage – well, I believe that many people from the audience would need that seats some time after the concert’s beginning!

According to the schedule, the live show would start at 20.30 p.m. and indeed, some minutes later Nick Mason’s Saucerful of Secrets entered the stage. The band begun with “One of These Days” and with that song we understood how amazing that show would be. I felt a shiver down my spine and within seconds I got lost in a psychedelic/progressive rock trip that ended two hours later!

Nick Mason sat behind his drum kit, in front of the legendary gong, and despite this age, he performed like he was a teenager! What is more, Nick Mason’ band played perfectly, being loyal to the original material, with so much passion and self-esteem – apart from being professionals, all the members showed how much they love the classic songs of Pink Floyd. It is not an exaggeration to say that the songs were performed like we listen to them on the records! The sound production was crystal clear and loud enough, the audiovisual show gave another dimension to the Pink Floyd classics, which sounded so enthralling under the Athenian sky!

 Nick Mason and his friends selected the set list wisely and conveyed us the mysteries of Pink Floyd’s music, all its genius, all its strange beauties! It was mind-blowing to listen to these consummate performances of Pink Floyd classics, it was so touching to listen to these psychedelic/progressive rock hymns, so shockingly nice to discover the live charm of these late sixties/early seventies songs. We listened to songs like “Echoes” (a magical moment!), “Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun”, “When You’re In”, “Atom Hear Mother”, “Interstellar Overdrive”, “Astronomy Domine”, “See Emily Play” etc., and the doors to new dimensions opened for us!

During two hours we admired the majesty of Pink Floyd’s music, we understood how the phenomenon of Pink Floyd began, we learned how British psychedelic/progressive rock started back in the late sixties. Nick Mason and his new band played for us only, the audience was more than satisfied and applause at the end of this fantastic show, with a standing ovation! Thank you so much Mr. Mason, it was an enchanting live show, which will never be forgotten! What a night!

Dimitris Zacharopoulos


Yiannis Manopoulos, mastermind of Thelemite, is one of the best, the most talented Greek guitarists. From his early, solo demos to the second album of Thelemite, Manopoulos has proved his excellent qualifications, which make him an absolute hero of the Greek heavy metal scene. I was really anxious to attend Thelemite’s live show in Athens, at the Level69 Live Studio on the 7th of May, 2022 – it is a pleasure to see Manopoulos performing live his great compositions. We arrived at 10.00 pm at the small venue and waited thirty minutes for the band to enter the stage. Despite my personal expectations that the venue would be crowdy, few metal fans had come to Level69, but that didn’t disappoint the band! Thelemite played like there were thousands of people – yes, Manopoulos and co. performed with passion and heart, they gave their everything for a perfect concert, they laid down their soul to the altars of metal! Every song, every moment of the set was pure bliss – the band enjoyed it and the fans had a great time listening to Thelemite’s furious and catchy classic heavy metal tunes! Manopoulos’ guitar playing was for another time amazing and flawless – but, apart from a guitar maestro, Manopoulos is a skilled singer, whose voice sounds so theatrical and melodramatic, a real frontman, who stands with confidence on stage. I was also impressed by the other members of the band – Zack Kotsikis is a great guitarist, bassist Nikos Michalakos knows what to play and when, and drummer Renos Lialioutis is an absolute driving force! Thelemite played for an hour and a half, picking songs from their two full-length albums (“Slave to Desire” and “Thelemism”) and covered marvelously five songs – Judas Priest and “Hell Bent for Leather” (with the historic participation of Manopoulos’ father on the guitar), Ozzy Osbourne and “Shot in the Dark”, Alice Cooper and “Bed of Nails”, Savatage and "Sirens", Manowar and “Thor (The Powerhead)”. The whole show was fantastic, a total classic metal blast and satisfied all the fans, who were there. Having seen Thelemite on stage, I can surely say: this band has everything needed to become a major act! Shall they pay attention to the very details and all the future is theirs. Bravo!

Dimitris Zacharopoulos

Photos by Elena Vasilaki

Having experienced a fantastic event, organized excellently by Angels PR and with the unique performances of the bands, we went to Holywood Live Stage with the expectation of a fine second day of the Ladies of Metal Festival volume four. We arrived ten minutes past eight o’ clock and saw Marialena on stage. I was a little confused, since according to the concert programme, the first band of the evening would be TV Witch, however, I was informed that the band had cancelled its appearance.

Marialena is a distinguished singer, who has released a nice debut album (“Prophecies”), full of symphonic metal highlights and marvelous operatic vocals. With a skilled live band behind her, Marialena sung passionately some of her best songs and satisfied the few fans, who had already come to the venue. Despite not being much-experienced as a live act, the Greek singer and her group were well-rehearsed and concentrated, convincing us to note down Marialena’s name  - I am pretty sure that we will soon hear very interesting things from her!

After this ideal beginning, we were warm enough for rest of the bands. Disillusive Play was next and I will put it straight – this modern melodic metal band gained a lot of fans that night, including me! Every moment of their show was more than satisfactory, they had the quality, the energy, the melodies and the feeling to conquer us all. I have the impression that Disillusive Play was the most fascinating band of the two days of the Festival – in terms of songwriting, musicianship and technique. Yes, the guitars were incredible, the vocals of Antigoni Kalamara were modest and sophisticated, the overall sound so heavy, clear and bright. I also liked the words, with which every song was introduced and generally, the interaction of the band with the fans. A spellbinding live show by Disillusive Play!

But the time for Barbara Black had come. I was so curious to see how Barbara is on stage and if she can reach her high studio performance and if see can produce all that energy and power that her songs have. I have said before that Barbara Black is a true metal lady, a furious rock n’ roll diva, who has everything under her command. Well, that night we understood that Barbara Black is all these things and much more! Her stage acting is gorgeous, her looks kill, she can sing just like in the album. It is not an exaggeration to say that Barbara Black is a music phenomenon, since every moment of her live show is electrifying and the Spanish frontwoman attracts every single one of the fans like a magnet! The band that supported Barbara worked as the perfect basis, on which she did her magical tricks! We tasted many of her thunderous hard n’ heavy songs and remembered again what a nice album “Love, Death and Flies” is. The audience was excited with the cataclysmic live set of Barbara Black, who left the stage in triumph.

Meden Agan was the headlining group of this second day of the fourth Ladies of Metal Festival. The venue was almost full, with the fans waiting impatiently for one of the most acclaimed female fronted metal bands of the Greek scene. As soon as the band appeared on stage, everyone went crazy with the super heavy, crystal clear and pompous sound of Meden Agan. The band’s modern gothic/symphonic metal songs, majestically performed, captured our complete attention and for almost an hour we enjoyed a unique, breathtaking live set. Although the band was a tight unit, Diman Koutsogiannopoulos on the guitar and Dimitra Panariti on vocals were the ones who stole the show – you could easily tell that Diman is a great player, a real virtuoso, and Dimitra has a fantastic voice, well-trained and beautifully shaped, which was combined with an excellent stage acting. The songs were wisely chosen, however, my personal favorite moment of the show was “The Purge” – that’s a hit! We listened also to some very interesting songs from Meden Agan’s upcoming album, and the band finished its set gloriously, with a warm applause from the fans.

The second day of the fourth Ladies of Metal Festival was an absolute success and ended with an enthralling epilogue; the metal ladies of that day gathered on stage and sang together a classic Nightwish song, “Ever Dream” – the best way to conclude a marvelous event! I would like to thank again Angels PR and Marian Nicolaou for organizing this incredible festival. The Greek scene needs such events, since the bands may reach a broader audience and the fans can experience fantastic moments of metal beauty! I am already looking forward for the next, fifth volume of Ladies of Metal Festival!

Dimitris Zacharopoulos

Covid-19 has not departed yet for good. Fortunately, we are able and have actually begun to go on live gigs for some time, which is something we have all been waiting for a long time, almost two years! Nestor and H.E.A.T were two bands that I have recently discovered, especially Nestor, which have proved to be a revelation for me. Therefore, when this gig was announced and saw it on the social media, I went ahead to buy the ticket straight away and counted the days impatiently. Saturday is the perfect day within the week to attend a live gig. I started the evening around 6 pm, where I met one of my colleagues at Berns, we had already booked a table for dinner, since this is a well-known restaurant (not my favorite type of food, I admit...) in Stockholm and how convenient: they host gigs too! So, around 7:45 pm, I and my colleague Tomas headed next door (not big distance as you can imagine) for the main event. A lot of people had already started queuing outside on a strange day regarding the weather (first snow, then rain, then sun and then clouds, it’s called ‘april vädret’ in Swedish and it basically means that you can have all types of weather within the same day or even hours). Anyway, we entered the venue, a really impressive one, high ceiling, with classic-vintage decorations, giving it a classical feeling, not the average rock venue to attend! The gig was sold out, there were people outside, while we were waiting, who were asking if someone had an extra ticket, so we were the lucky ones I guess! You could also see people from all different ages, from 18-20 years old to 55-60 years old, old and new rockers who love listening to melodic hard rock/AOR.

Nestor started on an emphatic way around 8:15 pm. Their sound is so gloriously ‘80s! These guys sound amazing on stage! I really like their album ‘Kids in a Ghost Town’, it’s a trip back to 1987, 1988, or maybe 1989, their song with the same title (‘1989’) is their highlight, if you ask me, and that was probably their best performed that night. Guitars, keyboards, vocals, drums, band performance, clothes, sunglasses(!), all send you back to the glory years of the ‘80s, where AOR/melodic hard rock was top of the tops! Overall their sound was awesome, except some issues with the intensity of the singer’s microphone, which I believe could have been a little bit better. They played with so much energy, communicating with the audience and performing (almost) all their album, which has so many hits. A fantastic performance!

Following a break of 15 mins approximately, H.E.A.T came on stage, and actually, when the lights came down, before the band enters the stage, the intro song was ‘The Heat Is On’ by Glenn Frey, back from 1984 (on the ‘Beverly Hills Cop’ soundtrack). How cool! Then, and for the rest of the night, the band played, we experienced an explosion of energy, party mood and hard rock to the maximum! Now that Kenny is back with the band, it seems like a missing piece was left to get the band back on track. The playlist included all their classics and more. No one from their fan base would have been disappointed at all - ‘Rock your Body’, ‘Emergency’, ‘1000 Miles’, ‘Living on the Run’, ‘Back to the Rhythm’, ‘A Shot at Redemption’, ‘There for You’, ‘Late Night Lady’. All their true classics were there. Of course, there is always room for one, two or three more songs, but overall I would not be unfair to them, the playlist was ‘full throttle’ for the perfect party! This band is pure delight to see them performing live, all of us almost jumping in many of the songs and having a great time. Special credits, apart from Kenny of course, go to the drummer Don Crash and the guitarist Dave Dalone for their extra energy, their extra passion on stage and for both the guitar and the drum solos, both highlights!

A fantastic night in Stockholm with two amazing and promising bands for even better things to come in the future. Can’t wait!

Antonis Mantzavinos