It’s always great to meet and see the Spiders play live. I love this band, their energy, groove and everything that they bring on stage. Once again, it was a really fun evening at Geronimo’s restaurant at Gamla Stan, the Old Town in Stockholm. John Hoyles & Co. are always a pleasure to see them performing live. Ann Sofie conquered the crowd with her direct and charming act, as always. The band from Gothenburg played old and new songs for about an hour or so, as part of their small Swedish tour on different cities. That’s the third time I saw them live, and I must say that each time is better than the previous one. Their high energy rock n’ roll keeps you active and mood-high the whole evening. Ann-Sofie, John, Olle, Ricard and Rickard gave a very beautiful show for their Stockholm fans who came to see them on a Thursday evening. Robust and solid drumming (with a little help from Ann-Sofie!), majestic solos from John, and till next time, cheers!

Antonis Mantzavinos