Narcissistic Necrosis come from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. From the first impression, reading the name of the band  and watching the album cover, you understand that here we have to do with a death metal band. A brutal death metal band, to be more precise. In the “The Art of Deformity” album you clearly see that the band knows the art of grind excellently. The Canadians manage to combine brutality, speed and technique with excellent results. The songs will satisfy every fan of the genre, who may detect new brutal death metal talent here. So, if you want your death metal extreme, severe and raucous, you have to stand here and listen to Narcissistic Necrosis. If what you want is grind, without melodies and lyrics about love and peace, “The Art of Deformity” will be a positive surprise for you. The aforementioned listeners will surely enjoy the brutal sound, the corrosive lyrics, the sick atmosphere.

♦ 7/10

Dimitris Zacharopoulos