Elliott Miskovicz, the transgender vocalist/composer, comes back with her A Stick and A Stone project and a new album, “Versatile”. Diverging from the heavy doom recordings of the past, Miskovicz presents us a musical opus, who could be described as post-doom; imagine this, the feeling of doom, without the heavy guitars and the loud drums. Just a work of haunting vocals and the mesmerizing sound of gentle instruments, “Versatile” stands as a different doom album – ambient, poetic, dreamy, this new album by A Stick and A Stone is an undeniable masterpiece, which will be admired by the ones, who like their music emotional and moving. Miskovicz takes us a ride in the green, wet forests, during sunset, and sings us beautiful melodies, playing with his tonal expressions. Personally, I don’t listen to this kind of music, however, I loved the fantastic work of Miskovicz, it is a great experience, which requires the right circumstances; once you get in the album’s mood and understand what is going on here, you will be amazed! A Stick and a Stone uses the simplest ingredients and produces an incredible album of music art. Miskovicz sings and we are transferred in a dark, rainy cosmos, where sadness and joy collide. Whatever the final result, you will find catharsis. And so, A Stick and A Stone has achieved its purpose.

♦ 7,5/10

Dimitris Zacharopoulos