No doubt, It is almost out of fashion to compose and record rock/metal operas in our days. Therefore, the release of “Goditha - The Rock Opera” was a surprise for me, since I had so many years to listen to a rock/metal musical. From the very first moment that I saw the front cover of the album, I was charmed. Imagine my pleasure and joy when I listened to the whole thing! “Goditha” is a masterpiece of symphonic/pomp metal, where guitars and drums meet violins, cellos, flutes etc., a rock/metal opera, written by Greek musician/composer/lyricist Elina Englezou, narrated by Endomain’s Stratis Steele, performed, arranged and produced by the one and only Bob Katsionis (solo, Outloud, ex – Firewind, ex – Serious Black, etc.). Englezou and Katsionis put all their fantasy, genius and talent and created an ambitious piece of musical and theatrical art, a phenomenal opus, so inspired, beautiful, magical. The roles of the musical are sung by seventeen (!) different vocalists, who give all their potential, all their technique and help us “get” into this medieval fairy story, which tells us a tell of good and evil, love and death, religion and the afterlife. Words can’t describe the amazing vocals of Maxi Nil (Jaded Star), Iliana Tsakiraki (Enemy of Reality, ex - Meden Agan), Yiannis Papanikolaou (Rock n’ Roll Children, Diviner etc.) , Henning Basse (ex –Metalium, ex – Firewind)  etc., a text is so weak when we talk about this incredible piece of music. We don’t come across such rock/metal operas often. Thus, it is a pleasure for every listener to listen to this great album, which has only highs, only majestic moments (for example “There He Is”, “In Hell”, “Secrets”, “Light and Darkness” and “Forgive Me”). With Katsionis’ magic touch, Elina Englezou proudly presents this exceptional metal opera. Yes, “Goditha” is a serious, ambitious amalgam of arts, which justifiably shall meet our appreciation.

♦ 9/10

Dimitris Zacharopoulos