1000mods, one of the best bands that Greece has exported, continue their trip with “Youth of Dissent”. And we are blessed to see them going. You will find the Greeks at the meeting point of heavy/stoner rock, desert rock, alternative rock and grunge. What we listen in “Youth of Dissent” is a homage to the nineties, a decade which has been on the focus of the band. 1000mods pay their tribute and are delivering us a killer album that will please every fan of the aforementioned genres. This amalgam is perfectly crafted and the band seems unbeatable in its field – 1000mods do what they know best and do it with passion and conviction. And if the band set a high standard with its previous releases, “Youth of Dissent” has an unprecedented inspiration, which means blistering riffs, massive refrains and a singular artistic performance. Every song of this new album looks like the flame of a big fire, which melts everything on its way. It has been a long time since I have listened to such a brilliant heavy/stoner album! 1000mods succeeds for another time, and we can talk now about a triumph – the triumph of musicianship, of knowledge and power. It’s needless to mention the masterful performance of each member, it’s needless to say that the production is crystal clear and boosts the quality of the compositions. From alpha to omega, from the very first to the last note of this album 1000mods confirm their progression from a great new comer Greek band to a mighty act, which can now be a part of the international stoner rock pantheon.

♦ 8.5/10

Dimitris Zacharopoulos