Burning Witches, an all-female heavy/power metal band, is active since 2015 and “Dance with the Devil" is its third album. From their very beginning, the witches from Switzerland distinguished, since their three-track promotional demo was picked as “Demo of the Month” in Metal Hammer Germany and Rock Hard. Now, the band is coming again in the spotlight with the follow-up to “Hexenhammer”, the “Dance with the Devil" album, which is very crucial, as if it gets a positive feedback, Burning Witches will be a successful act … Yes, the quintet succeeds, since its new opus is a great record ...! Burning Witches win the game triumphantly and manage to escape from the burning flames. It isn’ t an exaggeration to say that the ladies bring hell on earth! It’s a hell of an album, a majestic piece of classically influenced heavy/power metal, where every note is important and precious, every part of it brings joy to the heavy metal listener. It’s like the band came here today straight from the 80s and without a doubt it continues that musical style, respecting the legacy. It is obvious that Burning Witches has worked excessively its new songs, and the result sounds perfect! Here you will find the beauty of NWOBHM, the might of traditional metal, the sharpness of US metal. Here you will find aggressive vocals, violent riffs, unbeatable guitar solos, complex musical twists and turns, and notable melodic hooks – don’t forget the dark lyrics! I’ ll be honest with you; I didn’t have a clue of Burning Witches before this album, however, I am a big fan of them now. I am sure this will happen to you.

♦ 8

Dimitris Zacharopoulos