Things aren't good lately for melodic hard n' heavy music. There are few newcomer bands and the interesting new records are even less. So, the natural question is: is there any future for melodic hard rock? After listening to Blind Revolution's album, I can joyfully say "yes!!!". The Italian band's album is a fine selection of excellent hard rock songs, full with melodies, wonderful vocal melodies and exciting guitar work. Blind Revolution shows us that its band members are strongly influenced by the classic melodic rock groups  of the late 70s and the early 80s, their approach is very fresh and they manage to present something interesting. Imagine a more heavy metal edition of Journey - yes, the first  thing you notice when you listen to the band is the resemble of the band's singer with Steve Perry of Journey!! What I also liked in this new album is the warm sound of the production, which embraces the listener and lets the music of the album unleash its beauties. It is obvious that Blind Revolution doesn't want to impress you with their technical abilities, they just know how sweet, melidic music is played and just try to have the best result, technical wise. Yes, their melodic hard rock is romantic, warm and sincere, so if you dig melodic hard rock, Blind Revolution's album is for you. That simple.

♦ 7.5/10

Dimitris Zacharopoulos