Supersuckers aren't known in countries like Greece, however, they have a long history since the late 80s - they have released many albums (studio albums, live albums, singles and compilations) and played numerous live shows. "Play That Rock n' Roll" is their new album and I can say that Supersuckers are still in a great shape, the American band still seems to be fresh, powerful and ... dirty! Yes, they haven't lost their rock n' roll charm, they kick ass and show no mercy. The southern/punk/rock n' roll act (with influences spanning from The Kinks to Social Distortion) is so many years on the road and knows how dirty and naughty rock n' roll is played. So in their new record you will listen to interesting and nice little songs, with fine melodies, big riffs and catchy vocal lines. "Play That Rock n'Roll" will welcome you to the wild world of top class rock n' roll, where only alcohol, sex and loud music matter. You know that Supersuckers aren't any pioneers or innovators, they are a rock machine though, which will shake you with its groove. Trust the Americans and you won't get disappointed. It is the perfect opportunity for you to get introduced to the Supersuckers' music.It's only rock n' roll and we fucking like it!!!

♦ 7.5/10

Dimitris Zacharopoulos