Swedish power metallers Axenstar released their first album back in 2002 (“Perpetual Twilight”) and ‘’End of all hope’’ is their seventh album overall. I am sure that, like me, most of you aren’t familiar with the band’s music, so this new record will be a very pleasant surprise for all of us. What you are about to read is my impression of their new songs, so there won’t be any comparisons with their past works. From the first seconds, freshness distinguishes in their music and the Swedish present their own version of today’s melodic power metal. Their dynamic sound associates with crystal clear production and their nice song ideas create a positive feeling. Axenstar’s compositions do not exhibit monotony, since many alternations in their music keep the fan’s interest undiminished. I personally love the way Magnus Winterwild sings, stable without being excessive, full with emotion. His contribution to songwriting is also significant. I am really impressed with the way the two guitarists, Joakim Jonsson and Jens Klovegard, perfectly combine their playing – the guitar work includes great melodies and catchy riffs. Last but not least, Hampus Fasth, the band’s new drummer, flattens you out, with the dynamic way he is performing. Axenstar deserve to be discovered by those who do not know them. I look forward to seeing them live some time. The last days songs, like “The Dark Age”, Of Pain and Misery” and “My Kingdom Come”, are continuously in my mp3 playlist!


Nikos Arvanitis